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“Will You Be Mine”? VS. “How Do You Stay Mine”?

There is something about Sweethearts day, otherwise known as Valentines day, that makes you want to be nice to your sweetheart…for at least a moment. It may be caused by a glance at your loved one….a glance that happens at the right moment, when the light is shining perfectly on them…..OR…It could be an act or gesture that is done for you…maybe even something they've done for you a million times. Either way, something about this season of love makes your heart swell, and your face smile with appreciation. Call it cupid, or call it a mood, but it happens to the best of us!

To start off this Valentines week, our deep freezer went out. Luckily, we were making a meal requiring us to go to the deep freeze, because Im certain I wouldnt have liked the image of what COULD have occured in another week or two. It was bad enough as it was.

Once or twice a year, my “farming” parents butcher a cow, and divy the meat out, to our immediate family. To make it clear, our freezer was stocked with meat, fresh corn, and with things that had been on the bottom for years, that we were never going to eat (smashed buns, freezer burned Buca burgers, and open containers of ice cream). Again, we were lucky that we caught it early enough, and were able to save almost all of the meat, and all of the corn. The stuff on the bottom though, was sitting in a pool of blood from the meat that had thawed. The smell was atrocious!

Everyone worked together, unloading meat into bins, so we could move it elsewhere. We were also lucky in the fact that its below zero outside, so we didnt have to worry about finding freezer space. However, nobody wanted to touch that blood. I kept my long winter coat on and used my winter gloves to protect my diva hands. As you may have figured, all it did was soak through my diva gloves.

As I pretended to be fillilng the bins and separating trash…….

I looked over at Renee…She was diligently working to sop up blood with towels. She was carrying all those heavy bags outside in the cold. She was taking the rotting meat to the trash. She was emptying and filling bins with corn. She wasnt complaining at all, even though she was covered in cows blood. In this instance, I looked over at my sweetheart with…….horror….

We were late to my daughters swim meet, and she didnt intend to shower, but simply rinse off! It was neither here nor there in that instant, because we were completely over it by this point. As we sat at that meet, in the sauna of the pool area, in sheer misery, I reminded Renee that our family smelled like “CARRIE” on prom night. No one was sitting by us!

After making our way home, pouring wine, and reflecting on the day, more hardship came about. My sweetheart told me that I was going to have to buy a new deep freezer the next day, AND that I would have to go measure it! I admit, I started whining. “Why do I have to measure it? This isnt my forte! This is the boy job…I shouldnt have to do the boy jobs”!

She asked what else I thought were boy jobs and I was completely honest. “Taking out the trash, mowing the grass, fixing things, measuring things….emptying the dishwasher”! She giggled as she added that I must also think its the boys job to do the laundry and clean the house too, because I certainly do not claim them to be the girl job either! The thing is, I dont care to have to do things, that have to do with measuring or buying appliances!

I never measured. Instead, I bought a new deep freezer by “eyeing it”. I paid extra to have it delivered, because I didnt want to have to move the old freezer out of the basement or the new freezer into the basement….Which is, for sure, what Renee would be having me do next!

Today, the appliance was delivered. The delivery guy called ahead of time to say he was on his way, that he was by himself, and could we just help him move the appliances. This is HILARIOUS, because this happens every time. Im not sure what the delivery fee is for…the truck ride over?

Anyway, sadly, Renee had a funeral to go to today. She was dressed beautifully in her dress slacks and high heels when the appliance came. She was a little frustrated when I told her that she was going to have to help him move the appliance, and more frustrated when I laughed. Again, I DID act as though I was lifting a large portion of the freezer, but I had my cute salmon colored tennis shoes on, and I didnt want them ruined. At one point, I forgot to help all together, and found myself just watching the whole fiasco…

The poor old man was using the best body mechanics he had, to pull that dolly and the freezer up a staircase, that was barely wide enough for it to fit through. Once, he got his heels stuck and was falling backward, telling Renee to “slow up”. Then, there was Renee….pushing with all of her might, and while wearing a pair of high heel boots, which only happens a few times a year. She looked over at me, when she heard me laughing, and it made me laugh more. Honestly, I dont know how she has been able to bear living with me for the last 10 years…..

This is the instant my friends…..the instant that I looked at her and my heart filled with love. I dont know if it is because its Valentines day week, or it was just the moment, but I sure do love my jean/tshirt wearing, high heel/dress pants wearing, boy chore doing, girl chore doing sweetheart!!



9 thoughts on ““Will You Be Mine”? VS. “How Do You Stay Mine”?

    • It sounds like we would probably be a good foursome for a game of cards then….:). Thank you for your continued encouragement my friend!

      Happy in Indiana,

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