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A Gift That Will Keep On Giving…..

This picture to the left is a picture of a very lucky friend of mine…..Luckier than most of us on our regular, run of the mill birthday celebrations. Why is she so special, you may ask?! Well, the picture speaks for itself, but she has just scored a luxurious 15 piece bathroom set from some of her good friends.

Some people believe I have the gift of finding THE perfect gift for others. Before you start thinking that I have alot of money….dont. It isnt often that I buy these sorts of extravagant gifts for my friends. These sorts of “lavish” things have always just happened to catch my eye. When I walked down the aisle at the KMART's, looking for a bathmat for my own bathroom, I just happened across this gem….This 15 piece bathroom set, AND in the color of midori, which I believed to be quite rare.

Initially, I thought I wouldnt be able to afford it, because I was certain that this quality could only be that of “Jacqueline Smith”…and also because of the obvious rare color and large number of pieces. It didnt matter that 12 of the 15 pieces were shower rings either…..I was CERTAIN that the quality and thread count of the two rugs were worth whatever price was on the tag….and probably more.

Lucky for me though, It wasnt Jaquiline Smith. Though I did have to fork out a little extra, it was a once in a lifetime gift, that I couldnt pass up….One that my friend definately deserved…..And just in case it isnt apparent in the picture, I assure you that it is a gift that she plans to enjoy for a long time coming. That bathset was just the beginning of her “surprise” birthday extravaganza.

This particular friend of mine is a very meek, quiet type of person, that can sometimes be hard to read. So when she first walked into the restaurant, and saw us sitting there, with dorky smiles on our face, screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, her reaction was much like the reaction she had upon seeing the 15 piece bathroom set. I couldnt tell if her facial expression was showing signs that this was a happy surprise, or one of sheer horror, but I thought it was a good sign that she still sat at our table.

The waitress despised us immediately. This could have been due to a variety of factors. One….that I asked her to, jokingly, serve a bottle of Boones farm wine (in which I brought and decorated myself) to the table, in replace of any drink ordered. Two…..because none of us would agree on what to order, even after we told her we were ready. Or three…she found herself to be in a higher tax bracket than the rest of us, after seeing the gift we had all just pitched in to buy for our friend.

Whatever her reasoning was, mattered little. All of her eye rolling and impatience only seemed to make us more obnoxious.

On one hand, we were all dressed adorably and each of our personalities were shining. We looked like the cover page of a glamour shots catalog, in my opinion. This led me to believe that a good handful of other patrons, were most likely staring at our table with envy….either wanting to join this classy group, or ask one of us on a date. On the other hand, we were taking up alot of the waitress' time, we stayed well past a normal “workday” lunch hour, and we may have been a smidge loud….in an establishment that one might consider middle to high class dining. Either way, due to the fact that we wouldnt dare ask our waitress to do one more low class thing, we began to belt out the tune to Happy Birthday, in an off key, non harmonized, slightly elevated manner. At this point, Im fairly certain that we lost every last one of our adoring fans, as they contemplated whether or not we had been drinking heavily, prior to the noontime hour.

As I looked over at my poor “birthday buddy's” bright red cheeks, I realized that she was starting to show signs that this may not be what she had in mind for a relaxing day, away from her children. I felt sorry for her for a moment, until I reminded myself how much worse that this could have been for her….

After all, she did get to dine on sushi, have a fancy cocktail, eat high dollar cupcakes, and spend a lovely day with her adoring friends. Also, and more importantly, I just so happened to forget my birthday sombrero…my life size happy birthday banner with her photo on it….oh, and my banjo!!

….lucky for her. ๐Ÿ™‚



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