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Sometimes The BEST Plan Is NOT to Have One!

If you feel like you havent quite figured me out entirely yet, I will let you in on a few secrets….I like to be the center of attention, I love to be entertained at all times, and Im bossy….VERY bossy.

This just so happens to be my birthday week. Ive been rallying for people to celebrate it all month, and for the most part, I have gotten my wish. This week, two of my best buddies volunteered to plan “day number 2” of my birthday week for me. Normally, I would be the boss of all of this. Both of these ladies can, at times, be extremely indecisive, and truthfully, I usually feel fine about directing all of our outings. It ensures that I am happy with what we are doing, and it saves me from blaming someone else if it doesnt go as planned.

When they told me that they would plan everything, without my leadership, I admit I giggled a little. Its not that I doubted their abilities, its just that I could picture their conversations, and wondered who finally answered the question “I dont know….what do you think”?

In reality, I am fairly easy to entertain, and would be happy with most anything they picked, as long as they just agreed to play with me….

They took me to my favorite “hole in the wall” breakfast place. This is a place where they may or may not let you take in coffee cups, filled with mimosas, that you may or may not have made in your car, and may or may not have claimed that you only brought in because you were “just juicing”. The waitstaff is friendly…….especially Chad, who gropes every waitress and female customer in the facility, while talking about his girlfriend and kids. The food is phenomenal and reasonably priced, and capable of putting about 5 pounds on you in one sitting. I love this place, and I was glad they chose it.

More than the place though, I enjoyed them. They have really come a long way, when it comes to becoming used to, and accepting, my attention getting ploys…especially since they themselves, do not desire such asinine attention. Naturally I was impressed when I noted that they had come stocked with a birthday sash, birthday hats, and fancy sunglasses……but when I realized that they intended play along with me, willing to humilate themselves, by wearing this get up alongside me, my heart swelled!! They knew me so well….

We wore that garb for the entirety of our breakfast setting. I am being 100% honest when I say we were the envy of EVERY old lady in the establishment. These ladies seemed to flock to our table, wishing me a happy birthday, and tellling us some sob story about how they wished their friends would throw a party for them like this. I should have felt sad for them… After all, it was probably difficult living through the Great Depression, without birthday hats, and without friends who werent trying to steal their flour, but I didnt. I offered the ladies a birthday hat as a parting gift, but I refused to scoot over, and I was keeping my friends to myself!!

The best gift though, besides the bottle of Hennessey (GOLD label), that my rich friend gave me, was when the waitress, who also mirrored as the manager of the place, asked if she could take a photo of us for the cover of their facebook page!!! Absolutely we would, and we ended up doing it…free of charge. As soon as she took that photo, that also included the waiter Chad, who took this opportunity to grope my friend, while pretending to pose, we quickly got onto our own phones to join the other 68 people who liked their page, so we could see our picture, when they decided to showcase it.

As luck would have it, another ice storm threatened to shut us down completely, and did cut our day short, but not before having some adventure, and my “free birthday shot” next door. While the bartender claimed it to be the best shot known to man, I thought it tasted more like the insides of a cows rectum, but glorified with the half a pound of sugar that was added to it!! Still, as she watched me expectantly, awaiting my astounding reaction, I finished it off, out of courtesy, and with a small pool of vomit, that had formed in my esophagus, while doing so.

Though the day didnt go as planned, I think this was probably the Best second day of my birthday week that I can remember. We laughed, we had no cares in the world (minus the huge ice storm heading our way), we played, we took our first bathroom selfie, we became potential celebrities, and to put it simply….we just had fun. Sometimes the best plan is Not to have one…..

Thank you ladies! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Sometimes The BEST Plan Is NOT to Have One!

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Whaaaah! I want a second birthday day in a week of birthday celebrations! I’d better remember that! Love the partywear, and the drinkies, of course! 😉

    • Reallly, he would be a good role model… He had all those ladies swooning! I even considered changing my ways…but it wasnt me he groped…thankfully! 🙂

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