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JuSt WaStiNg TiMe

“Time is what we want most, but….what we use worst. – William Penn

Well, a long time has past since words have found their way to this page. Part of it has been due to my new banjo infatuation, part is due to all of my birthday week celebrations, part is due to the preparations Ive been making for my upcoming Mexican extravaganza, but mostly it is due to the fact that I have had absolutely NO interest in writing. I wouldnt necessarily say I had writers block, because I have created more than enough material to get me through, but I just simply lost interest for a moment.

I would rather not dwell on it, so I intend to just catch you up on the highlights that have occured in the last week or so….

1: I had a fabulous week of birthday celebrating, all the way up to the Friday of my actual birthday, when I had become physically exhausted….most likely due to being a year older. I had some lunch, some brunch, and dinner with some pretty special people. I had pedicures, visited wineries, and visited with my siblings. All of these things were done while wearing birthday hats….just to annoy the adult women around us, who found the whole thing immature! At one point, which may have been my lowest, a young girl actually said she would wear a birthday hat…ONLY if I bought her a drink. GASP…It was in fact MY birthday, NOT hers!

Naturally, I did not fall for these shenanigans, and Im proud to say that with my annoying persistence really cool encouragement, she wore that hat for the photo…free of charge!!

2: I have been tanning to prepare myself for my upcoming “girls” trip. I have made it a point to annoy the tanning bed “front desk lady”, every chance I get, simply because I find her so annoying in return. I can only imagine that these ladies hear the same thing every day from the same/but different pale women, that make their way into these facilites once a year…if that! I noticed on the second visit that the conversation went as such…

ANNOYING LADY: I see you went for 8 minutes last time, how many minutes can I set you up with this time?

ME: (giggling uncomfortably, but trying to find some common interest between us) Well, I wouldnt put more than 10 minutes on there, because my skin is so fragile. I promise I will get out before then if I feel like Im getting burnt!

The Annoying Lady stared blankly.

The Next time…

ANNOYING LADY: I see you went 10 minutes last time, how many do you want to go this time?

ME: (giggling uncomfortably) Well, I wouldnt put more than 11 minutes becau…..

ANNOYING LADY: OKAY! I got you all set up in ROOM 11…around the corner…

The more I went to the tanning bed, the sooner she cut me off, but the more I would carry on with my story…..Simply for my own amusement. I only went 8 times total, but enough times to give her something to talk about with her tanning bed friends later that night, as they likely sported their tans and jammed out to Jimmy Buffet, at the local Cheeseburger and paradise.

3: I have been detoxing my body from any sorts of alcohol prior to my upcoming fiesta. I decided it may do me some good to feel cleansed before my big retreat. Surprisingly, I didnt even miss it really. I went to bed at a reasonable hour, I rested better than I have in years, and most importantly, I felt good about myself. Of course, at the end of the week, I reminded myself that this might actually be foolish….Since I do actually enjoy having a glass of wine in the evening, I promised myself I would never stop enjoying wine entirely….

I like the way wine tastes. I like the way it makes me feel. I like the way it acts as a good friend whenever I feel I need one. I dont stop drinking it, because I enjoy drinking it…

Of course….thats what I said before I quit smoking cigarettes, and also what I said before I quit biting my nails. However, a girls got to be left a vice in my opinion!

Other than an occasional nap, and trip to the gym, or the grocery store…this pretty well sums up all thats happened since I spoke to you last. This week, as I embark on my journey to the other side of the world, otherwise known as Mexico, I hope to keep you updated as my adventure unfolds……



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