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The Smell of Sucess

I arose to the alarm at 4AM. Though I wasn't moving briskly, I did feel a slight tinge of excitement…enough to get me moving in the direction of the coffee pot. The day of the Mexican extravaganza was here! I had been waiting for this trip for several months now, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

This year, we have had record setting low temps and high amounts snow fall. As most other people around the world, Ive grown sick of it. I have just stopped watching the weather all together, because regardless of whats happening, I have to get up, I have to take the children to school, and I have to go to work. People have even stopped buying bread and milk for the storms. I guess we have all just adapted to misery!

As I learned that another snow storm was headed our way over the weekend, with a potential of 6-10 inches of snow, a smile came upon my face. I couldn't believe it…I was actually going to miss this nonsense, making this seem like more of a vacation than initially planned. Unless I died in a plane crash, the Lord was on my side.

As I was loading my car with my horse luggage, I started to smell a skunk in my immediate area, I started to ponder what events might keep me from going on this trip. I started loading up a little quicker, but contemplated what would happen if that skunk actually caught sight of me, and decided to spray me before getting in my car.

Would I run in and try to take a quick tomato juice shower, in hopes of ridding of the smell? I was already pushing the time as it was.

Would they let me on the plane if I didn't? Ive heard sometimes that the smell wont leave you for awhile.

Would my friend Kellie laugh and enjoy the stares of onlookers beside us, or would she request a seat in a different area? I feel like I know that answer.

Would I be able to rest, while smelling the pungent aroma reeking from my body? Sometimes people get used to smelling their own body odor…or so it seems.

I snapped back into reality when I shut the car door safely, feeling certain that I narrowly missed the skunk and knowing it was looking at me from behind my front tire. I decided that I wouldn't have let it stop me anyway…I needed to go on this trip. Besides, I paid full price for my plane ticket, and I felt it was no different than allowing the obese gentleman beside me to put up his arm rest, so that he can better breath his halitosis filled breath on me, while laying his arm on my lap, and his neck on my headrest. As long as you pay for your ticket…there are no real traveling etiquette rules set in stone.

When I was safely in my car, I noticed that both of my front tire lights were on, signaling that they were low on air. As I backed up in my driveway, I almost ran directly into a tree. On my way to the airport, I was speeding slightly and saw a police car, pulling people over. The thing is, I wasn't going to let any of this deter me. NOT TODAY! I was certain that I would have made the decision to continue to drive to the airport on the rims of my tires. I would have shown the officer the tops of my lady parts, if necessary, to get out of a ticket, and I would have most definitely NOT have been bothered by driving with a large dent in the back of my vehicle, with what may be the remnants of what used to be the carcass of a skunk….

I was going on the trip!

Needless to say, I made it to the airport without incident. I ate a breakfast sandwich made out of upside down hamburger buns, and I didn't even care. I nestled into my miniature doll sized airplane seat, and was happy to be there. The man in front of me laid his seat back and crushed whatever was on my table, and I just giggled. I felt grateful that my thighs were only as big as they were, because one more inch would have made the table crush into my already “straight legged” lower extremities. I could have kissed the gentleman on the forehead as it was.

NO….I was happy to be heading in the direction I was.

Before we headed off to our final destination, I found myself gazing at my good, high falutin friend. She was asking for egg whites, and whole wheat toast without the crusts, and was picking the pulp out of my generic mimosa. In this instant….I knew…This was going to be one hell of a good trip! 🙂



5 thoughts on “The Smell of Sucess

    • Narrowly escaped…..:) Im suprised you’ve never been! You’ve been everywhere, leaving me to be the jealous one! Im glad its the other way around for once!;)

  1. Kellie B says:

    I am so thankful to have been on this latest adventure with you. However, I am extremely glad that I didn’t have to smell shunk all the way to Mexico. Love ya!

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