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Not A Care In The World?!…

As I sat down poolside, with the 85 degree sun blaring down on my fresh accepting skin, the bottom of my chair legs broke in two….

I didn't even care, and no one seemed to notice at first. I started smiling, with my first gin and tonic in my hand. I simply looked over at my friend and said, “Kellie, this is awesome”! She smiled back, showing signs that she found this to be as much of a paradise as I did…..until she saw my broken chair and started laughing hysterically. If you didn't realize this before, these are the types of things that only happen to people of my nature…. those destined to care less if they are the butt of the joke. Even though I was happy to be in that chair, if only to feel the warm sunshine on my face, it turns out that there was another chair nearby in which I could trade into to.

It was my first day, and my first hour in the sun. I had escaped the below zero temperatures that had been ailing me so long, in my native Indiana land. Normally, when an old lady with leathery tan skin, reading the 42nd installment of Janet Evanovich, looks at me and says blankly “Your chairs broke”!…. I would be annoyed!…

….Clearly I was aware of that, as my body was laying in a slanted fashion, towards the cement. Normally, I would have become even more annoyed, when she told me that I needed to shade my fair skin from the sun for the rest of the day, as the water would reflect the sun and cause me to burn… though I would never have gathered that, in the 38 years I lived before this day! However, there was nothing that was going to bring me down on this day…Not even a crotchety old woman!

Instead, I thanked her for her wisdom, before I switched chairs, and continued to bask in the glow. She stared on, in what I considered to be disbelief, and then whispered and pointed at me, along side her husband, and I felt certain that they were surely making bets on what I would look like in the morning. Although I wasnt letting her bother me, I did lather on sunscreen at increased intervals, because I had no interest in letting her gloat the next day!

We only had a couple of good hours in the sun before the sun started to go down and the air became cool. It was perfect timing though, because we both were exhausted from getting up early and traveling all day. It's two hours earlier there than it is at home, so we were fighting to stay awake past the 8:00 hour. We managed to shower, inhale food off of the buffet tables, and get one cocktail in, before we were both agreeing to call it a day! “Tomorrow we would be fresh and new”!

It's amazing how thankful and happy you are about little things when you are so tired, even though later it becomes obvious that you were just delirious and hallucinating. The beds and pillows were harder than rocks, yet that evening they were so comfortable. I felt thankful to have my head on any pillow and welcomed rest. I never moved from the place I started, which is almost unheard of, when it comes to my sleep pattern, and which probably explained why I couldn't move my neck or any of my extremities the next day.

As we hobbled our way to breakfast the next day, we were rested, happy, and felt anxious to get out into the heat of the warm sun. It became clear though, that on day two of a trip, you become aggitated a little more easily, and so on and so forth….the newness just wears off I guess!

As I ate my eggs with pico sauce, and two pieces of French toast, which became my everyday morning staple, I started noticing a growing epidemic. I watched as people from all different cultures walked by my table, children and adults alike, and only focused on their feet. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives, people had forgotten to measure their foot properly in a flip flop or sandal. Either they just got crazy bargain priced deals on name brand flip flops on line, or someone in their heritage has told them that their heels should always rest nicely over the end of their shoe, allowing for the arch of the foot to lay comfortably on the heel of the sole!!!

I giggled as I watched the first couple of people walk by, thinking it was just a fluke! However, what I came to realize, its that there were less people with properly fitting flip flops than not!!


For a moment, I started to question whether I was the one with ill fitting shoes. I wondered if people were actually giggling at me when they saw my heel resting nicely in my heel spot! Then I realized this idea was preposterous! I have always prided myself on the way I properly measure my foot into a flip flop. My mother taught me this at a young age…..I've always felt ahead of the game on this subject!

It wasnt long before I was snapped back into reality by a bird who narrowly missed my scalp, trying to steal a piece of my French toast! I realized then I was getting worked up about nothing!

Next up….off to the beach where all my cares and worries were washed away again! 😉



20 thoughts on “Not A Care In The World?!…

    • Mazatlan. The problem is not with the flip flop itself, but the fact that the heel of their foot hangs over the end of their shoe! I think the whole foot should be on the shoe, but that seems to be only my opinion:)

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