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Sometimes There is No Moral to a Story!!

After my third night staying in this resort, I found that I was not as forgiving as I was on my first couple of days. The bags under my eyes were becoming larger instead of smaller. It's not because I hadn't had a relaxing time in the sun everyday…I had! I even understood that many people would say I have nothing to complain about…but I did!

The beds in which we were sleeping on were made from limestone or bedrock, and the only thing softening them were the plastic pads that keep urine off of them. As luck would have it, it was only on my bed…not my friends bed! The pillows were made of feathers…about 20 of them, which have been compounded over the years into one giant feather, that felt more like petrified wood. Initially, I would try to double them up, lay on my belly, toss and turn, until eventually I brought myself to moaning outwardly, hoping the front desk might hear me and bring me a fluffy pillow. Surprisingly, they didn't…not even in my dreams!

In the 2 hours of broken sleep I had that night, I had reached an ultimate low point. I had grown exhausted. Like clockwork, I had to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night. My bed was furthest from the bathroom and it was pitch black in the room. Having vacationed with my friend in the past, not including the two days before this one, I knew she was a light sleeper. She likes to point out every time I flipped over throughout the night, each time I went to the bathroom, and each time I have difficulty figuring the lights. Then, she assures me it didn't disturb her sleep at all…..

I tried to tread lightly to the bathroom this time. I thought about not even turning the bathroom light on, because I knew my tossing and turning had probably kept her up enough as it was. I took the tiniest baby steps in order to keep myself from kicking the bed or knocking something over, defeating my whole purpose!! It seemed to take forever, but I finally found the threshold of the bathroom door. Only, I found it by smashing my entire face and head into the wood frame.

Immediately I had had it! An expletive came flying out, before I lit up the entire place with lights!!! My head and neck ached partially from dehydration, and the rest from my pillow being so concave, that my eyes would have been looking at my spine, if there was enough lighting to see it, while I mimicked rest.

I suddenly no longer cared who I awoke. I needed water, I needed ibuprofen, and I needed a pillow that was in fact a pillow…even if I had to go gather a bag of leaves myself!!! Im fairly certain that my friend was awake, but she didn't dare open her eyes or question me, for she could tell I had reached my limit.

I stumbled back to my bed, bumping everything I possibly could, in the hopes of finding something that resembled a pillow! What I found was better than anything I had, but pathetic and a little embarrassing nonetheless…

As a hilarious joke, before leaving on this trip, I had asked my daughter to borrow her purple cat airline neck pillow to take on the plane, simply to mortify my friend! Turns out, I not only slept well with it on the plane, but it had also become my pillow of choice in the hotel! Thankfully, after placing it delicately onto the fold of my neck, I got about a solid one and a half hour sleep, before my friend gingerly told me it was after eight..meaning we had to get up! As she leaned up to see my less than smiling face, she could see my neck cocooned in this tiny neck device and giggled…sadly, this is honestly what it had come to. My eyes dared her to tell me one more time how fabulous these thin pillows were…but she never did!!

I drug my dragging ass down to the ocean again, miserable, but not complaining one bit. This warm air still felt so fabulous, and I could always nap outside couldn't I ? I wadded up my bathing suit cover up, and laid on my belly, hoping to doze for a second. I didn't. However, I came up with a variety of new ideas for a good restful sleep on my last night there…. Not only had my friend volunteered to let me use her adult sized traveling neck pillow, but I started being able to envision myself stuffing my pillow cases with dirty clothes and mint condition underwear, to make my pillow fluffier than it had been all week. What was the worst that could happen anyway?…..A belt buckle could lacerate an ear? Well, I had cauliflower ear as it was! It was worth a try!!

The moral of this story….

There isn't one!!



6 thoughts on “Sometimes There is No Moral to a Story!!

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Urgh! I’ve been there! It’s not the first time I’ve had to fold up towels to try an make some kind of pillow! Now, I always take a bolster-type travel pillow with me… just in case!

  2. Yes! I can identify with bad pillows. And I once had sheets that were so starched, I itched horribly if my skin touched them. I had to lay out pilfered beach towels from the cabana, like a sleeping bag inside the sheets. I comforted myself with the knowledge that no bedbugs could ever survive all the starch.

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