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A Birthday Poem to My Phenomenal Daughter


I cannot believe that its 12 that youre turning!

Though Im happy for you, for me its concerning.

While I will always view you as my little baby,

I cant help but think it makes me look like an old lady!


It seems amazing to me to see how fast you've grown,

and Im even more impressed with how often you are on that phone.

Only one more year before you grace this family with your teens!

I wonder how many more eye rolls, before I enlist you in the marines?!

Honestly though, so far I feel lucky!

You dont often talk back, and you know the capital of Kentucky!

You are helpful and listen, and help me to keep this place in shape,

and you've grown used to tolerating my love for the fermened grape!


You are an inspiring child who continues to teach me new things.

You are so sweet and considerate, that I often wonder if you have hidden wings.

You care about others, and never put yourself first.

You have so much to offer, even when you feel you're at your worst.

I grow nervous watching you bravely step into the giant world ahead.

I never want to see your heart break…. Its the one thing that I dread.

You're incredibly smart and you always have the best of intentions.

You're nothing like me, who would already have had 9 or 10 detentions.


You constantly remind others that you had no choice,

when I act overly silly and use too loud of a voice.

You are technically right when you say Im not your “biological” mother,

but one thing's for sure…I wouldnt have picked any other.


I promise to always pick you up, when you fall short or falter,

and I want you to know how proud I am to call you my daugher!


Happy Birthday my love!!


Mama T



10 thoughts on “A Birthday Poem to My Phenomenal Daughter

  1. If I recall correctly, you did a similarly wonderful poem for your son last year? Oh man, will this be embarrassing if not! But on the basis I do know what I’m talking about, lovely stuff Tia.

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