insomnia, poetry

Mindless Thoughts of an Insomniac

DARKNESS is altered when sleep cant find its way to the mindless core.


The room is encircled with the darkest shade of plum.

No movement, no light, no promise of dreams yet to come.

So unlit and dense that nothing can be seen.


Eyes open, then shut, then open once more.


NIGHT takes over the body and vision becomes quickly restored.


There may be an outline, a shape, or light at the door.

Eyes will follow and track as the tension grows more.

They cloud and betray you as they adjust more than once.


Is that a light? Is it a shadow? Or am I just bored?


SILENCE is different when sleep is peaceful and undisturbed.


The heart beats quietly against the solid chest wall.

No crying, no fighting, no words uttered at all.

Tranquility and calmness surround the soul.


Until the eyes close and reopen, and the sound is returned.


NOISE is both real and imagined in the insomniacs brain.


A creek, a drip, or a stomp on the floor.

Is it just the furnace or did someone break in the door?!

The fear only heightens as the sounds becomes louder.


Its scary, its real, but maybe its rain!


SLEEP wont you come find me? Im completely worn out and tired.


The extremes of my emotions are uncharacteristically profound.

Deliruim has found me, and my mind feels unsound.

Just one goodnights rest and a sweet dream or two?!


I just need to slumber so I can be more inspired!



10 thoughts on “Mindless Thoughts of an Insomniac

  1. Great poem, and while I do suffer from insomnia (fortunately not for months now… Knock on wood) I did laugh as you were mentioning is it the furnace it is someone breaking in the door! I totally go through that!! Especially when T is gone and I’m alone in the house, energy sound is magnified. And I hope you can get some restful sleep soon!

    • It’s entirely out of my comfort zone, but its amazing what thoughts come out of your head, in the middle of the night, after many nights without sleep!!! I had to go with it! Thanks for going easy on me;)

    • Well, I grumbled and sighed through the last few weeks of not sleeping. This night, I just decided to get up and try to use my running thoughts creatively! Thank you for saying lovely….I almost didnt post it, because I felt loony!:)

  2. Sounds to me like you are inspired, Tia, if you can write poems like this about not being able to sleep. You know, I used to sleep so well, but age has robbed me of that. I hate insomnia!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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