About me

I am a simple, Midwest girl from Indiana. I was raised in the country, but am living the dream, in the big city:). My partner and I keep busy, by attempting to raise 4 children, while they continually remind us that they are adopted, and do not share our genes (and by our, I mean they’re mostly concerned about my genes:))! Most of the time, I feel like a suburban housewife, but I do work twice a week, at what many people would call, a “real job”. I love life, and just try to find a little humor in everything that happens, in this crazy old world.


10 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Tia, I try to read everything that you write. I am your friend. I have appreciated getting to know you as my good friend. Your writing is honest and from the heart and i love reading you. You are a star Tia. I tell you this so you will understand where i am coming from.

    Currently my mother-in-law is in the hospital with brain cancer they have given her weeks to live if that. I want you to know that is the only reason i will not be able to read some of your articles. I will revisit them. I dont want you to think that i just dont care about what you are going through because i really do.

    I need you to understand Tia. Thanks

    your friend Tom Nardone

    • My mother is also suffering from brain cancer that has moved from her breast. I understand more than you know. Take your time, enjoy your family! Life is too short sometimes. Thank you for reading my stuff…I consider you my friend as well. I love chatting with yo and I enjoy your blog as well. I’m sending you a giant hug, big enough for your whole family.

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