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Do you ever look back at your “old self” and wish things had been different?

Maybe you were too fat… TOO smart…..Maybe your teeth were jacked up beyond repair. Maybe you just lacked basic social skills and good judgement…. AND maybe you were the spitting image of the person who modeled the before picture, for the Acne stat commercial….

Or maybe (in addition to the acne, and obvious poor judgement) you were a lanky young lady, with the musculature of a newly pubescent boy. Maybe your lack of body fat, made your own pubescence less obvious, leaving you braless, and taking scoliosis tests in gym class, with a mere paper towel taped to your barren chest…while other big chested teens, with obvious padded bras, looked on in amusement…

Maybe you tried to lure in popular boys by letting the loudest fart, rather than simply batting your eyes, or just giggling at their funny jokes….

Maybe your bangs were too short, because you trusted your friend, your pants werent long enough, because your socks hung too low, and maybe you could never TRULY figure out if people were laughing with you….or AT you…

Well, whether you could relate to a few, or all of the things I mentioned, I'm willing to guess you have spent your life trying to alter these very things, that have likely turned you into the self conscious adult you have become today.

While some have chosen different paths, others have become content to live within a realm of life, that someone else defined for them… far too long ago.

…But what if you were offered a chance to shine?

What if you were offered a chance to step out of your meager life, and stand above the rest? What if the world that you once knew, and the people that once knew you, could look at you in a different light?…What if for only a moment, those people didnt see a manly looking, frizzy haired, panty stained, flat chested, chronic acne doning teenager…but a STAR!!?

Well, as chance would have it, my time had finally come!


….”The gentleman opened the door with ease and purpose. He was dressed to the nines, clearly pressed, and eager to please. As I stepped into the White Stretch Limo, it just felt right. I had never ridden in a vehicle with such gadgetry in tow, and my fascination with it was astounding.

As the first mimosas were poured, I was met with unsure gazes. We didnt all know one another as of yet, though our commonality of hopes to be famous, not infamous, was obvious. It didnt take long before we were fast friends. We rode side by side for hours, listening to classy music, and sipping on fancy cocktails.

During our brief hiatuses, we sipped fancy wines, listened to vineyard bands, and wowed our surrounding peers with our obvious wealth and prestige. I felt certain at this point, that if anyone saw these photos arise, any previous thoughts would be wiped away, and all that would fill it would be awe and envy”…


We stepped into the limo on our own accord. The gentleman showed us how to work the air and the music in the back, and told us to knock on the window if we needed further assistance, because the phone was broken.

As we started on our way, the air stopped working all together, and I found myself thankful that I was sitting near one of the only two windows, in this jalopy. I slowly made my way to the seat by the window, only to notice that I had sat down in a mixture of white and dark chocolate, which made me rethink (too lately) my classy white shorts. Trying not to panic, as people were trying to snap photos of my fancy attire, I nonchalantly had someone working on cleaning up the mess, but the chocolate was completely melted and now smeared, due to the fact that is was 89 degrees in the vehicle. Little did I know, the black napkins mixed with a dab of water, only added to the staining, of my already soiled shorts.

80's rock music and Boys to men flooded the space around us…but only in increments, because there was a short in the cord. If not held in the proper angle, we were left singing acapella and feeling awkward at unexpected times…

Upon leaving the first winery, we noted the limo to have the hood open, in hopes to air out the engine.

“No need to worry” the gentleman said. To distract our attention, he followed up with a fake strip tease, using my neck as a dancing pole, and proceeded to remove his own shirt and tie, because he himself, was smothering in the drivers seat, and obviously loosing brain cells in the process.

I found myself passing time by looking at my own lady parts in the adjacent mirror, and daydreaming that I still smoked, so I could use one of the ashtrays that still remained in this bucket of bolts. Others filled their time twerking, feet deep, in a carpet soaked with day old mimosas, to what sounded like an Old Bobby Brown remix.

At one of the last stops, as we stumbled over one another, to be the first one out of the sweat camp we were paying for, we were met with some ladies traveling in a double decker bus from Chicago. They stared at us with envy as we got out of the car…Until they saw my windblown and unkempt hair, the pit markings on our designer shirts, and all of our shorts stuck to the insides of our backsides, upon exiting the vehicle.

…..The leader of their pack said “Huh uh honey! YOU need what we got”!

…..The leader of our pack…which was me, Said “I know”!!

BUT the truth is… All of the horrors of that story is what made the adventure.

We are who we are. I was never meant to be a diva, though I try every chance I get. Though I may no longer have my lanky boy figure, and I have a little less acne…a part of that goofy, panty stained, joker will always reside within me….I wouldnt ever take it back!

If I were offered another chance to shine, I would take it every time….But I wouldnt change a thing about how it turns out!

Thank you ladies for a phenomenal trip!!




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Holding Tight to the Old, but Embracing the New…

Bright lights, inflatable yard decor, and fancy wreaths on the door….

Broadway shows, bell choirs, christmas movies, and more….

Before the turkey has even been given a chance to digest, our anticipation for the Christmas Holiday begins.

However, unlike the traditions of my own youth… and even further from the traditions of my parents/grandparents youth, our focus has changed. Its about “keeping up with the Jones's”, so to speak. Do we have the newest and best chaser lights? Do we have the fanciest tree? Have we stood in long lines to assure our precious children have the latest electronics? Have we attended the best shows of the season? Does our family Christmas photo card put others to shame?

….And most importantly, is it possible to find a bigger Santa Clause than the 30 foot inflatable one next door?

While I too, am slowly finding myself transitioning into the new trend, I still try to hold tight to the old ones. The only problem is that the same little people that Im trying to leave a lasting impression on, are the same little people that are fighting my nostalgia!!

This season, I've found myself frustrated with the eye rolls, while I dance festively around the kitchen singing “Rockin around the Christmas tree”… URGING them to swing their backsides to the beat along with me. My patience is being tested further, after having to shoo them out of their rooms, and remove the electronics that they seem to have physically glued to their fingertips…just so I wouldnt take them. I begged for them to bake cookies with me, wrap presents with me, sing with me, color with me…..Just show some sign that they recognized that I was there!!!

As usual, after constantly pestering, whining…and then finally bribing them, I did acquire the attention I desired. It cost me a mere 45 dollars in repayment the next day, as we all settled in with the largest buckets of popcorn to watch the new version, of the old movie Annie! I tried to pay them back by rolling my eyes a little, pretending that I would rather be sitting around the Christmas tree, singing carols and crocheting popcorn decorations to put on our live tree… but they saw right through me.

After I sang my way through the parts I remembered, cryed through the Jamie Foxx lyrics that cut to the core, and crammed popcorn down my throat, until it began to come back up…. I looked down at my kids and smiled. It wasnt such a bad tradition was it? Are these the moments that they will try to impress upon their own children?

I began to see things through their eyes for a minute, and started to reflect on my own selfish, new age desires, that stretched beyond singing Christmas carols at the old folks home. Wasn't it just a week ago that I finally fulfilled my life long dream of seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra?

It seems like I spent my whole early adult life dreaming of what it would be like to attend such a show! I pictured a giant CLASSY orchestra, with eclectic head banging, electric guitar players strumming alongside. The pyrotechnics would be uncomparable, and the the music would be a step above the boring old orchestras that I had pictured thus far! In those days…it was only a dream…

This year, I had a chance to “keep up with the Jones's AND the Smithes's. Finally, I had worked hard enough to earn the money to put myself amongst this class of people.

With a black cocktail dress, sheer leggings, red high heels, red lips, Sildapia earrings, my good GUESS coat, that I got on clearance a few years back, and with a new date on my arm, my dream had finally arrived…..

Except…it wasn't as I had always pictured!…

I was drinking wine out of a fancy plastic cup as we settled into our perfect seats, and I realized that I may have been overdressed….

I watched in silence as I watched the Nelson brothers…the same twin brothers that I loved in the nineties…swing their hair, and jam their guitars, back to back, to the sweetest, cutest Christmas songs.

I watched as the ladies from HOOTERS tried their best to remember the choreography that they waited a lifetime to perform.

I watched the people in the front few rows, as they tried to head bang, but also tried to sway their heads and light their lighters…confused, but yet somehow enlightened, by what was happening…..

…and then I giggled! Was this for real?!

While it wasn't what I had expected, it was a perfect night! It was still great music, I had the best, fun loving companion, and I still got to dress up!! I had fulfilled a dream, and yet had adamently decided not to start a new tradition of watching this show!

I looked over at my children again, and realized how much they make me think. Traditions will stay traditions as long as someone has the desire to carry them on. I too, moved on from my own parents traditions. I kept the ones I liked, and dreamed for new ones to come.

As each new person enters into our lives…as each new technology is created…and as each new child reaches their teenage years, there is an opportunity to embrace something new. So, while I will still hold tight to the traditions that strengthen this family, I will try hard to open my heart to something new!!

How about you?;)

















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Obsessive Hobby Disorder

Do you ever become so focused on one thing, that you are willing to let everything fall behind, just so you can tend to it? Do you hurry to finish your mundane tasks, so you can promptly return to the more desired, important task? Do you become so consumed that it borders on the line of obsession?….

Sadly, this happens to me every time I find a new fascination….

Several years back, this happened when I got my first guitar….and then again when I got my second electric guitar, with the amplifier, that I insisted on purchasing, that also had a short in it. I played with that thing constantly, forgetting the world around me, until my fingers bled, causing me to have to take a break. I'd fight through the long pauses of the electrical short, just holding the note longer, to prove that I made a reasonabe purchase. I threw tantrums when I couldnt figure it out, would blame others for messing me up, and would constantly say “Can you tell what song Im playing…can you”?

Of course, at the time, no one would be able to guess the song, but everyone would feign knowing it by saying “It sounds familiar, but I cant place it”, because they couldnt endure my derogatory response if they couldnt guess. The problem is, I can never just ease into something…I have to know AND buy EVERYTHING!

Almost a year ago, I became overly obsessed with this blog. I had no idea what a blog was, but after a friend suggested I try to write to a broader viewing area, I became intrigued. I began to research for weeks, before starting that first page. I didnt know how to do any of that “advanced technology” sort of thing, so I needed to learn. Sometimes, I would fill whole days trying to learn to do one task, by watching self help videos, and videos of geniuses taking me through it step by step. I often felt that I was being interrupted, by having to pick the kids up from school or make them dinner…..Or heaven forbid they ask me a question! When I couldn't figure something out, or messed something up, I would yell out in angst, and through gritted teeth saying “THIS MAKES ME SO MAD”!

EVENTUALLY, when I figure out the basics, enough to appease myself, I will calm down and reintegrate myself into the world again, balancing my hobbies like a normal person. However, this just sets me up for new obsessions, when something catches my eye.

Recently….this happened again. I found myself highly intrigued by a fancy banjo I came across, and I havent stopped thinking of it since. I became determined to play this thing, even if it took my whole life (and Im hopeful that it wont take this long, to save myself a divorce and loss of custody). 🙂

Heres where it starts…..

Once the banjo was in my hand, I started piddling with it immediately. I hushed the kids so I could hear the country crooner describe, via video, how to tune it, how to play a note, then a chord, and then a song. I read and researched how to set the insrument up, what to look for, and payed attention to the important things, that I may need to note on the device. The first whole day, I played the thing completely out of tune, until I could figure out how to do it on my own.

I do pity the poor people that have to surround themselves with me during these times, because I become way more obnoxious than my regular baseline level. What happens next is, I eventually think I have absorbed everything I think I need to know, then I move on to the professionals. It becomes time for me to seek help in my advancement. This week, I took the banjo to the music store, prepared to buy up the store if necessary. I NEVER enter a place like this, without being prepared with a bit of knowledge, which is perhaps, one of the most annoying qualities about myself. Even knowing this, I cant seem to stop my educated mind, and my overexcited mouth from running…eventually scaring and/or annoying the help!

I made my way into that store like a cougar ready to pounce. I talked about fret boards, new strings, tuners, pics, and music. I asked questions that I already knew the answers to, for no other reason but to correct them if they were mistaken. I offered up my past credentials in the music business, and annoyed astounded them with my knowledge. I could NOT stop talking!!!

I bought finger pics, 2 books, new strings, and left the banjo there to be maintained. As I left that store, I was both excited, and feeling a bit of separation anxiety, since I hadnt yet mastereed my trade! I only had to go without it for one day, but I had to interrupt our “date night”, to go pick up my precious piece.

Already, I have learned two songs, that apparently only I can hear?! Maybe because I have the ear of a banjoist, and maybe because theyre not musically inclined, like myself. However, the biggest problem in the last week, has been to balance my life, with my running, banjo playing, guitar playing, and my writing. Im having to cut out such things as naps and lunch, but Im slowly getting there.

Please be patient as I adjust to my new lifestyle change/obsession, and I thank you in advance!! 🙂




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To Whom It May Concern…

To Whom it may concern,

Ive been sleeping alot lately. I can easily sleep 12 hours if uninterupted, and yet still yearn for an afternoon nap. I fall asleep early, and sleep so soundly that I could probably be robbed and killed, only to awake in confusion, in regards to whether I was in heaven or hell….or still my own bedroom. I had made a pact with myself this year, that I wouldnt let this winter get to me as it always does. I was going to make myself stay positive and strong, and was determined that I wasnt going to let the weather wear me down, make me grow tired, and make me make the statements that so many others are making. I admit, Im starting to fade…my positive attitude is wavering, and I fear I am beginning to lose my battle.

For whatever reason, I was determined not to give in that easily today. Wearing everything, minus my snow suit, I dropped my kids at school, and made my way directly to the gym. Though the weather forecasters lied when they said a high of 2 degrees, and though my car said 7 degrees, I was still glad I had worn so much clothing. I winced in pain as that frigid air hit me, though the amount of time was short…traveling only from my car to the door. The wind was telling me to just turn back, but my mind was made up….Sort of!

To whom it may concern,

I stared at that treadmill for a long moment, while I swallowed down the vomit that was pooling in my throat. I had NO energy for this, and NO desire to do it. As soon as I mounted the machine, I wished to dismount…but I didnt. Instead, I promised myself that I would be nice to me today….I wouldnt push so hard. Afterall, I made it here didnt I?

I blared my slow music into my ears, and set off on a nice steady pace. I began to think of my Mama P. I think about her alot when I run, but in the past week she has flooded my mind. I miss her so much, and it seems crazy to think that she has been gone for 3 whole months. I found myself remembering how she used to taunt me about this weather, as she sat in the comfort of her own WARM home in Texas. When she would visit in the winter months, she would dress like an eskimo and constantly make comments like “How can you guys stand it”! Despite her teasing, we always made the best of it….Sledding, snow men, and of course the all day movie fests while playing scrabble tournaments. She told me so many things that were just between us….Sometimes we would giggle and sometimes we would cry, but the trust that we had between us was something I valued deeply.

As I began to remember these things, it became clear to me that her lack of presence is still a wide open wound. I began to wonder if she could hear or see me. I wondered if she was proud of my intentions. I wondered if she would want me to defend her, like I feel so strongly about doing. Would she want me to release my inhibitions, or would she want me to let it go. I realized they were all open ended questions.. and I also knew they were ones that only I could answer. Either way, I felt good while running….It felt nice to feel warm for a minute, and my memories were making me even more comfortable. Though I had no interest in this workout, I had made my way to 6.5 miles without misery. I guess I was rewarding myself by not pushing myself today.

To whom it may concern,

When I hit that cold air again, all of my warm, fuzzy feelings went away! Though I wanted to go home and get directly in my sweatpants, I decided to stay proactive. I needed to hit the grocery store, before the temperatures fall even further in the next couple of days. The problem is not GETTING the groceries, but rather having to load them in my car and then into my house, while the -25 degree wind is piercing into my inner core, and while ice crystals are forming, out of what used to be, my hard earned sweat. I did not APPRECIATE the cashier placing single items into single plastic bags, just so that I would have to take that many more trips. After getting brave enough to sprint out the door with my cart, shooting directly to my car, not caring who hit me with their car on my way, I didnt LIKE that my reciept flew directly out of my shopping bag, and probably into the hands of someone who would steal my credit card number, my money, and my identity……BUT I didnt CARE enough to chase after it. At this point, I didnt even know if Id make it home alive.

To whom it may concern,

When I got home, my backdoor was wide open….for a questionable amount of hours. After unloading the groceries out of my car, I wasnt sure my underwear would ever be separate from my skin. Still, I sat at the table for a moment, just to consider what had happened thus far….STILL wearing my winter coat. I could hear the sounds of my heater working overtime, my pipes creaking, wind hitting my windows, and the sounds of whole families of mice, fighting to get in through all the wind seeping crevices in my house, to stay warm for the next coming days. Everyone is preparing…

To top it off, I learned that school is cancelled already for tomorrow, meaning we stay in again….and meaning it will be that much harder to fight the general malaise feeling of winter. However, I have fought it off for one more day….Tomorrow is a different battle….

To whom it may concern,

There is nothing that an ice cold beer being drunk down slowly, while listening to CHER singing “Just like Jesse James” over and over again, cant cure!!!

Stay Strong Everyone!




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It WAS A Good Time!

This is the dance video that goes along with my latest post “It's not meant to be”. These children are very talented…. So, while I appreciate all your compliments in advance, all talent scouts must go through me! 🙂 I only just figured out how to possibly post a video, so bear with me if it doesn't work out on the first try!!

Happy New Year!

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I awoke to the sound of, what seemed to be, loud alarms blaring in my eardrums. This normally would have made me sit upright, or at the very least, make me open my eyes. On this day however, I quickly silenced it, and more frequently than I was even aware of.

Alarm clocks….They are worse than men! You can't live with them, and you can't live without them! 🙂

I woke up 40 minutes late, allowing my children a full 20 minutes to get ready for school! I felt ashamed, but it seemed to be the least of my worries! My throat was sore, my feet were both blistered, my eyes were blurry, and my body ached for rest! My body craved water, but my glottis refused to let it go down.

This is what happens to me every now and again, when I feel like acting as though I'm in my early 20's! My body reminds me over and over that I am getting too old for this, but I ignore it. Sometimes I just want to feel like a rock star! I want to mingle with the elite, and frolic with the youth of our society. This night….last night…..provided all the right ingredients that I needed to shine!

Dinner reservations at a fine dining establishment…..PINK concert tickets…. wine… beer… music….singing….. dancing…..and lets not forget my two fabulous friends that I shared the evening with!

We were all dressed to play the part, as we started out on our adventure! It was hard to decide what to wear, since we had to balance our fancy dinner attire, with our rock star concert outfits. Somehow, we managed it! What we came to find out, is that red, color stay lipstick dresses up ANY outfit!

We ordered fancy steaks…some made of meat and some made of tuna. We ordered wine…the kind that costs $10 a bottle in the store, but $50 at the restaurant. We ate bread, with fancy blue cheese spreads, and salads, with mustard vinaigrette dressing….a kind of dressing that you can only get when dining with the elite! We used the bathroom frequently, just to see if our waiter would give us a new napkin…..AND HE DID… Every time!

We told stories, we giggled about other patrons, and we talked about just how much class we have! We laughed, we cried, we were serious, and we laughed again! We boosted each others egos, applied more lipstick, and allowed others to believe that we were wealthy housewives, just grabbing a bite to eat, before joining our other poor friends, at our book club meeting! For just a moment, we were living a dream….Until the bill came, and we each had to dole out half of our pay checks… the ones we just got that morning:/…..Im glad my heat bill is on the budget plan!

Next, we moved on to the concert! PINK! We bought these tickets 6 months ago! I couldn't believe the time was finally here! One of my friends wasnt as excited as the other two of us, and I was really hoping she would get in the spirit once we got there! Oh…..and believe me when I say….She did!

When we got to our seats, which were awesome by the way, everyone was sitting??! It was as if we were sitting at a Celine Dion concert, during one of her ballads! I didn't know what was happening in the lives of those losers, but we weren't having it! We had enough cheap, but expensive wine, to feel loosened up! We didn't even need to stretch. So….we danced….we sang loudly…and we cheered! Actually, we roared with screams and hoots and hollers! My friend, the one who had been so hesitant, was dancing as though she was in a circle dance of an Indian tribe. Luckily, she had no one sitting on the other side of her, because she swayed back and forth, feeling every ounce of the music, and every ounce of other people's drinks she was spilling with her feet! On second thought, she ended up with shin splints today…maybe she should have stretched! 🙂

PINK, who never lets anyone down, rocked out! She was singing and hanging from bungee cords high in the air. We were watching an acrobatic concert, all for the price of one ticket. We enjoyed every ounce of the concert, while the people around us NEVER got up! Part of me would like to know their take on the show:).

We didnt stop there though! We were having a great time, and we were still so pumped, after that phenomenal show! We met some other friends afterward, to do a little dancing, while the traffic cleared out. Here's where we mingled with the youth. Here we weren't separate from them, but a part of them….at least in our eyes. We danced until our feet were raw, then kept dancing until the nerve endings had been rubbed off, and then danced in comfort again. We danced around Travis Tritt and Usher look a likes, and whose to say it wasn't them really! With each new song that came on, our dance moves got better…even during the rap songs! Those fake turn table moves never seem to fade! I guess those people are right that say “Its like riding a bike”! IT REALLY IS!

My eyes didnt close until 3am! My mom duties resumed at 7:30. Here's the part where I'm reminded that I'm too old for this nonsense…especially on a Thursday night!

Today, as I tried to keep a losenge in my mouth for moisture, as I limped to and from my childrens school with blistered feet, as I napped on and off, and drank water to refuel my body, I reflected back on my night of adventure! Would I do it all over? Will I do it again? Will I ever finally listen to my body when it says no more?

All good questions, but I think it's clear what will happen! It WAS worth it to be a rock star for one night! Thank you ladies! I love you lots:)









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NOTHING to Brag About!

I thought I was prepared. I had been mentally preparing for over a week now. I certainly didnt lack the energy or know how, and the day was finally here.

Though they didnt say it outwardly, all of my friends were green with envy. I could see it in their eyes. Normally, I don't boast about things, but even I find reason to strut my stuff…my materialistic possessions……my successful achievements, when the time feels right. This was DEFINATELY the time, and I had no problem flaunting my plans.

I prepared all day….I drank some coffee, did a load of laundry, and took a nap. I cleaned the kitchen, and then rested my body again. Then finally, I checked my emails, and then shut my eyes a moment more. I knew what was coming, and it was bound to deplete me.

When it was time, I swung into action. I found the tightest, lowest hip waisted skinny jeans I had. These still make me feel uncomfortable, no matter how many knee bends I do to stretch them out. They are so low, that I refuse to tuck my shirt in, for fear that the upper part of my labia may be showing!! Still, some teenager talked me into them, and they were perfect for the occasion.

Next, I needed a cool and hip shirt…something that made me look bad ass to other mothers, that would also be trying to look like teenagers. As you probably guessed, I found it! A lavender shirt of a nice shade, with a herd of horses galloping across the front. The shirt served no purpose….it didnt reveal any real message…and it was a picture of 3 solid looking thoroughbreds galloping along a Mesa! It was precisely the kind of shirt that these kids are wearing today!!! I was really starting to come together!

Messy hair, moisturizer, lip gloss, earrings, and lots and lots of makeup later…..I began to look even more youthful!

Next…boots! The tall ones! It always comes down to leather or suede, cowboy or urban, and high heel or flat! I chose the high heel urban suede…It just went with the horse shirt!!! I was ready to roll.

My ego was boosted even more when my daughter told me I looked cool….Now that means something doesn't it? I knew I wasn't going to be the belle of the ball, but I was certain that no suburban housewife was going to show me up! I can roll with these ladies!!!

After a classy dinner at White Castle, we were on our way! My daughters excitement was encouraging my own……It was her first real concert!

I never went to a concert as a small child, so I don't know exactly what she was feeling…though I thought to myself what a lucky child she was. However, this is normal life to her….Something she almost expects. I think my reaction, as a child, would have been far more elated than hers. Either way, I was excited to see her reaction.

We got concert tshirts, posters, cotton candy, and Gatorade. Renee and I got beer waters, and we strolled around checking out the scenery. I haven't seen so many pompous high falutin house wives, since I took my oldest daughter to see Katy Perry…….Though this was far worse! The best part of all, is that I looked the part. I blended in with these same women…the same ones I was judging. I FELT AWESOME!

I was fully prepared to rock this concert out, despite Chloe's pleads for me to stay quiet! I WAS GOING TO SING AND DANCE! After all, I've watched these stupid shows long enough to reap some sort of reward!

We swayed to the opening bands, as the anticipation for the “real” act was building! The lady next to me was taking up half my seat with her upper thigh. The lady behind me was leaning over the top of me, taking selfies every now and then. On other occasions, she tapped her boot to the beat of the music on my backside…which was actually the real, true live, flesh and blood of my backside, since my low pants had lowered to the point of inappropriateness, when I sat down. It didnt matter though….Nothing was going to bring me down!!!

The lights went dim. The thumping of music began. The crowd went wild. Any minute now, Selena Gomez would make a grand entrance. My daughter was in shock! Would she be seeing her for real?!

I stood up, even though most people around me sat like a bunch of old ladies….including Renee and Chloe. I hooped and hollered, mainly because I was hoping to go hoarse, so I could brag more to my friends!

Sadly, I sat down midway through the first song. She sang only a handful of songs I'd even heard. Apparently, ever since she turned 21, and broke up with Justin Bieber, she became uncool! Luckily, she had dancers to keep us entertained, since she was unable to do it on her own.

One of the songs I recognized, spoke loudly about loving ourselves the way we are. She gave a small speech beforehand, telling each of us we were beautiful, and to never change for anyone. She went into a sob story about how people continue to tell her she isn't sexy enough, or not good enough. People are constantly telling her she can always be better. She finished this by reminding us, that despite all of that, she would never want to be anyone else but her…..

I found this so endearing. Why would she want to be anyone else but her? She's a beautiful 21 year old girl, with lots of money, AND she has an entourage of people who adore her, surrounding her at all times! I couldn't resonate with what she was saying. My life was so different.

However, I could resonate with the people criticizing her. I may have had high expectations ( though that rarely happens:)). Or, maybe I just wanted to sing and dance. But one things for certain, if she sang those teeny bopper songs that I came to hear…….she would have DEFINATELY been better!