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Last Year, Last Month, Last Week, and Today….

It was a week ago, when I really started focusing on the fact that I would truly have to run in the half marathon that I had signed myself up for, almost a year ago. To some of you, it may seem like that is plenty of time to prepare for an event like this… and in reality, it is. However, sometimes my brain, my body, and my social life, seem to differ on the idea of what should be done to prepare.

This is certainly not the first time I have run one of these. In fact, this is about the 8th year in a row I have done it. I have run it with little training, and I have run it fully trained. Believe me when I say the body rewards you heavily, when you are prepared versus unprepared. Last month, after running the 15K, that was supposed to be a part of my training plan, my body was tattered, hurt, and yelling at me in language that I found to be innapropriate. I told myself then, that I would use the rest of the month, before the big race, to get my body into better shape.

……Well I didnt…..

The entire month I lived my life weighing everything on an imaginary scale. I did run/exercise, just not to the extent I should have been. Its just that as the sun finally showed its face, and the days started to get warmer, other entertaining events outweighed my desire to train. Yard work, painting, afternoon beers, and playing with my friends, became more luring.

Well, the week before the race had finally arrived, and I admit that I began to worry. Of course, I fell ill the first couple of days of the week, leaving me separating my time between my bed and the couch, but I was able to pull myself together for one day of exercise midweek.. YIPES!

I had no business running this race, and I knew it… BUT I paid big money to run it, and it was kind of a tradition now…. So, knowing that my poor body would pay me back for what I was about to do…I vowed to run it!

The night before the race, I made equally good decisions, when I ate my weight in Pizza, and then fueled the rest of my body with cheap red wine, that went well with the Benadryl I took, to clear up my stuffy nose, and that at least led me to bed early, so I could say I got good sleep.

Today was race day. I awoke feeling like the holy hell I knew I would. I berated myself for my behavior and lack of discipline this year, as I was getting dressed. I was telling myself what an idiot I was for running this, as I pinned my number on my shirt. I could already feel the pain I was meant to endure, while double knotting the lace of my second shoe.

Off I went….

My body and brain fought hard against each other for the first 4 miles. I was still sick wasnt I? I couldnt run this far could I? Only 10 more miles to go! UGH! Despite this negative self talk, I found myself clipping along at a fairly good pace, and before I knew it, I was over half way. However, around mile 8, I found myself saying to myself “I DONT WANT TO RUN ONE MORE STEP”!!! My body said it was done…..

Almost miraculously, right when I said that, a man appeared to drop dead in front of me. I smiled, hoping this may be my way out. I would have to do CPR, and would be unable to finish this race!! At this point of the race, we were running on the race track of the INDY 500. There were few spectators allowed in this area, and it was difficult to find a medic. The man fell directly in the middle of the track, where runners were having to quickly divert themselves around him, so as not to cause a horrific accident due to trampling. Still, how could he help it?!

He had grabbed his chest and was rolling his body back and forth. He was an older gentleman, and it seemed clear that he was having a heart attack. We told him to relax, and asked if it was his chest. He didnt answer, only writhed in pain. The question was asked three more times, and the medic had been notified, before the man finally responded…. “Its my shoulder”!

Immediately I was deflated and began running, knowing that this man was not my way out. I found myself wondering what would make this asshole, drop down on the middle of the track over shoulder pain. Surely, he could have made his way to the grassy knoll to the side, to hold his shoulder. Since when does dropping to the ground and rolling around help shoulder pain anyway?!

Well, at least it diverted my attention away from my pain for a moment. I assumed he lived.

For the entire last 4 miles of the race, I suffered. Pain was shooting down my legs and back, mocking me. I walked some…I ran some…I whined to myself…and I talked myself into forging on. “This is what you get”!!

I finished the race in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Certainly not my best time, but one that I had no complaints about. Now, as I sit here, with my flaccid legs draped across a chair, and with a beer in my vicinity, I am pleased that I made myself run that race. I WILL PAY for it for the next couple of days, but I am thankful that I have a healthy body, that continues to bounce back!

This race is one that I used to run with my Mama P, before her passing this last October. I thought of her so much during my run, invisioning the pain that she went through, living with her both her debilitating cancer, and with the desire to be able to run again. This race was run for her…

Today, I say thank you God for allowing me to have the ability to run!!


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Treat Her Right..and She Will Treat You Better

I hit the snooze button for the second time, and I immediately hated myself for doing so. Still, I dozed in and out for 10 more minutes, knowing it was going to make me run late, just like every other day of my life.

I have known for about 6 months now, that I was signed up to run this 15K, on this day. For some reason though, knowing this, apparently wasn't enough to motivate me to start training properly for the event. Since I had already paid my dollars for this race, and since I knew I would be running a half marathon in only one more month, I decided to see where my body was in this process. Believe me when I say, I knew I would struggle….

When I finally got myself out of the bed, I was faced with every obstacle possible….and I was running late.

I had set my outfit out the night before, but forgot to put my sports bra in the stack. I have a number of these bras in my posession, but I only like to wear one or two of them. I was searching frantically, making it necessary for me to turn on the bright light above Renees head, to wake her up to help me find it in order to dig through my dresser to find them. I ran down to look in the dryer, only to find that the dog had pooped everywhere on the floor, even smearing it into the rug. I leaped over it, dodging it to the best of my ability, but was dissapointed to find NO bra..I never found them, and had to settle for my raggedy ones.

Next, I needed to focus on food. Normally before a race, I would eat peanut butter toast and a banana. However, all of the bananas were rotten, and we had no bread. I did manage to find some partially stale bagels, so I threw them in, but then panicked when I couldnt find the peanut butter.

While they were toasting, I was scurrying to gather my supplies. I had managed to get Renee up at this point, due to my outward groaning and complaining. I needed gum, my music, Chapstick, the armband to hold my music, money to park, and coffee…OH how I needed coffee!….

Renee, being the kind, generous soul that she is, helped me get out the door, but I was beginning to think she was only doing it for her own benefit.

Luckily I had found peanut butter in the back of the cabinet, and began to shove the bagel down my throat, as I sped to get on the highway. I had thirty minutes before the race started, and knew I probably should stretch. I was starting to calm myself down, telling myself that I had plenty of time, until I realilzed that I had not brought any earbuds for my music!! I tried not to panic, telling myself that I could just run 9 miles without the headset…but quickly told myself that I was an idiot!

I wasnt prepared for this race, and I knew I would not be able to bear listening to myself suffocate for the last 6 miles of this race! I made a quick stop at the gas station, praying that they would have a cheap set….They didnt! I was almost in tears as I reached my car. I said one last prayer, hoping that one of my children had left some in the back seat. I dug in, and in the middle of the crack, between the seats, I saw one ear bud sticking out. YEAH!!! Thank you GOD!

I got to the race eight minutes before start time. I reminded myself how dumb I was for doing this, even as I was pinning my number to my shirt. I got to stretch my legs for about 2 minutes, before we were off! This time, I had promised myself that I would not push myself too hard. I would simply enjoy listening to the music, while enjoying the run. I was NOT going to focus on my time…my only goal was to finish.

I struggled through my first few miles, until I talked myself into slowing down. By mile 5 I had settled into a comfortable pace, and let the music overtake my mind. Unfortunately, that is when the blister began forming on the arch of my right foot. Still, I kept running.

At mile 7, my legs were telling me they were taking a good hit, but I was feeling surprisingly better than I thought I would. I forged on, and only ended up walking through one water station, at mile 8. I was pleased to finally see the end, and the only thing keeping me from shedding a tear, were my children…rooting me on at the finish! I waved, smiled, and whispered “Im almost finished”!

I finished in less time than I thought, still able to keep my average time under 10 minute miles. It certainly wasnt my fastest race…but I had finished. I was proud of myself for conquering all my obstacles.

I limped my way to the car, hobbled my way into my house, and sat down to delicately pull my sock off of my fresh new blister. I was hurting bad. It took me many minutes to reach the top of my stairs, due to all of my leg muscles pulling me the opposite way. After showering, I leaned down to pick up laundry off of the floor and my heart began to race into my throat, and wouldnt come down. I was now laying flat on the floor of the hallway…calling my son for help!

As I laid there for the next 5 minutes, waiting for my heart rate to resume at a normal pace, I was thinking about how pathetic I looked in that moment. Im not in my youth anymore, and I need to treat my body nicer.

I apologized to my body and promised I would try to be nicer.

“As soon as I am able to walk again, I will definately train you better”!

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“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha


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The High Cost of “Winning”

It was dusk when I gazed out the back window. It had rained all day, and the sky was darker than normal. The large tree in the back yard was still deprived of its spring leaves, but was full of something curious…

They had an eerie quality about them…Their backs were slumped, their necks were curved, and their eyes could bore through the soul of the darkest demon…

Turkey Vultures!!

Earlier this week, when I voiced my concern over the potential dangers of the Illinois squirrels and boxing deer, my mind was thankfully put at ease, when my friend told me that these creatures were NOT prevalent in her town. However, this led her to pre warn me about the overabundance of turkey vultures in this area. So far, these aeronautical creatures hadnt been known to attack humans, but she couldn't promise me anything.

The floor boards creeked below me, and my hair blew back in reponse to the heater vent, blowing air upwards from the ground. I continued to glare out the window at these looming creatures, not daring to look into their eyes. I had just readied myself up to go to Bingo night with my friend, and we couldnt risk being late. In that moment, I said a small prayer. I pleaded that God would get us to the car, without being attacked… Not when there was so much at stake!!

We made it to the car without incident, and I quickly forgot about the vultures, because my nerves had begun to take hold of me, as the time neared for BINGO. I only had an idea of what it would be like, because I hadn't gone since I was a kid. Turns out, we didnt know ANYTHING, and we werent prepared!

First of all, we got there late. Well, right on time…which was late. We were the youngest people there, and I wont lie that we were getting a lot of DESIRED attention. I started giggling immediately.

It all started when the vetran asked if we wanted the $7 package. We didnt know, so we said thats exactly what we needed, and I paid him $14. Next, he asked if we wanted the blue board. We didnt know, so we said “sure”.

“Those are an extra dollar a piece”.

I told my friend to give him two more dollars.

He asked if we wanted to put our name in the pickle jar. I said “I dont know what that is…but sure”! I was giggling hysterically at this point, drawing the attention of the bingo drawing lady.

“Ok. Those are an extra dollar a piece”.

I told my friend to give him two more dollars.

He asked if we needed the ink blotting devices to mark our spots. I knew we needed those, so I said “We need two”.

“Ok. Those are each an extra dollar a piece”. Now I was just laughing out loud, as I told my friend to give him two more dollars. We were officially broke, and now the lady in the front had had it with our nonsense.

She said “If you arent playing, I need to ask you to be quiet”.

We giggled all the way to our seats, which were right next to a darling little elderly lady. She was a professional bingoist, and she was happy to help us out, when she realized we were clueless. I offered her half of my Toblerone candy bar, and we were fast friends. She allowed for me to switch bingo dot colors with her for one round, and even laughed every time I got in trouble for talking….Which is more than you might think.

I have no idea how these people keep up with all of numbers being called out, because I constantly felt like I was drowning. Also, they were so serious! Some people yelled BINGO so loudly, that it would scare you right off your seat. Then, the whole room would groan and say “I only needed one more”!!

At first, I thought these people were ridiculous, but it wasn't long before I was groaning right along with them. My friend won $15, and I was proud of her. Me…I never won.

I left there feeling more knowledgeable about the game, but a little down about not winning. As luck would have it though, my friend had another friend, who just happened to be a townie. She was willing to try to lift my spirits, by taking me to a place where they held “fair” and “friendly” competitions.

I knew we were going to watch crabs race, but what I didnt know, is that I actually got to race my own crab!! I was immediately cheered. They each picked up a random hermit crab in a bowl…but not me. I looked at each crab. I looked at their agility, the tread on their claws, and the heaviness of the shell. I looked at their size, their probable age, and into their beady eyes. Finally, I had found my crab.

The only thing I didnt love about my crab was its name “Jesse James Fudgepacker”. However, I overlooked it, knowing he was the one. My anxiety soared, as I placed him down for his first race. I whispered in his ear a small cheer, and was not surprised at all, to see that he made it to the semi finals!

The second time was no different than the first, as he breezed by his untrained peers, and won the race. We had made it to the finals.

His competition in the finals was sketchy though. There were some bruts…ones that have clearly won on other occasions. It was obvious…he wasnt ready! Still, he made me proud by placing 4th overall.

I realized, as I stood watching others stare at me with envy, in my new “winners circle crab Tshirt”, that I don't need to win money, to feel like a winner. Sometimes all I need is just wonderful, encouraging friends…and a little bit of faith in one small crab.

Thank you Angie for a fabulous time…and if youre reading this….you still owe me $7.50 (half of the bingo earnings). 🙂


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Show Me YOUR Hallux Valgus And I’ll Show You MINE!

Today I left an attractive young man speechless…I left him dumbfounded….I left him HORRIFIED!…….

For starters, I consider myself a runner. I am well aware of the tolls that this sport can take on the body. Not just the knees, hips, back, feet, and spine, but also all of the internal organs. If you ever get a chance to sit and talk to a runner about it, you will generally get an earful. More than likely there will also be personal information revealed, that you may or may not want to know.

If you ARE a runner, than you know precisely what Im talking about. I have heard about bowel patterns and accidents, about urinating on the course, about having to wipe with things that are less than sanitary during a race, about some people having to lick their own bodies to get their Sodium levels back up, and about blisters and loss of toenails, during a hardcore, long jaunt.

We talk about this kind of stuff openly around other runners, but are more than willing to share this information with anyone who asks. Its sometimes graphic and grotesque, but its something that unites us and fills us with pride. However, there are still limitations. Everyone doesnt need to hear the stories….Usually, strangers are left in the dark. Because really, why does the store clerk want to hear about the hemorrhoid you got while running today, or have to endure listening to how many times you used the bathroom before, during, and after a run? Even runners have etiquette. 🙂

Today, I hit the treadmill for the second day in a row. Though I was a little more winded, tired, and sore, from not running for a month, I made my way to five miles. After I was finished, I noticed that my body was sore in places that tell me….I needed new shoes. Afterall, I have had these for an entire year.

The minute I left that gym, I went directly to my favorite running shoe store to purchase them. Here's where the problem begins. Heres where I come clean about my issues. Heres where the lead in, to mortifying the innocent young man comes in……

I have been dealing with two separate running ailments for some time now. So far, Ive just learned to deal with it. First of all, I have a large bunion on my left toe. Most people that know me have seen it on several occasions, but will most likely tell you that its smaller than it really is….Those people are liars. Each time I run, it hurts worse, and protudes further. I feel as though Im running on a broken toe, but I dont want to stop running. Ive tried all the inserts and used peoples advice, but their is NO good advice when youre actually running. I desperately wanted someone to give me some valid information on this subject. I was tired of keeping my disease a secret!

Secondly, and more disturbingly, I have a problem with bladder control when I run. Although it isnt every time, I have had this problem ever since I was a teen. It doesnt happen during the run, but rather at the end, when I stop running….Maybe due to my bladder relaxing?! It doesnt saturate everything, but it does make me spell kind of like….well…pee!

Some people have told me that I really need to go home and rinse before going to a public place after this, but I disagree. Sometimes I have errands to run, or just need a gallon of milk. I only have so many hours in a day before the kids come home from school, so I need to organize my time wisely. AND…Really, you can only get a whiff of me when I turn briskly, swing my arms back and forth while walking, while shaking a hand, or while bending over anyway! Im virtually safe in any scenario!

Since I needed new shoes immediately today, I had no time to rinse off, or change my socks for that matter! I was on a mission. I entered that store, maybe a little too briskly. Initially, the cute athletic college boy, was more than willing to help. I imagined that he looked at my attire and thought “Wow, this girls in shape”, or “Look at this cute, foxy runner”. It wasnt until I leaned down to try on that first pair of shoes that he brought out, that I smelled ammonia coming from somewhere, and had a hunch I knew from where. At this point, he was starting to have trouble making eye contact with me, either because he was embarrased for me, or because he didnt want his nose facing my direction. Either way, I didnt stop here…

When he asked if Id be needing something else….Of course, I said yes. I asked if he'd had a lot of young ladies in here with bunions, and could enlighten me with ways to tape it up. I showed him how it was sticking out, and explained how it was red and enflamed. He nodded his understanding, as I was droning on, having trouble stopping while I was ahead…If I ever WAS ahead! After I was done, he cleared his throat and said he hasnt seen alot of people with bunions, and would suggest I see a podiatrist!…..This seemed like an easy way out to me, but hey…I did smell like urine.

You may be asking yourself why I shared this personal information today. I'll tell you why…Because somewhere out there, someone is suffering from these two debilitating diseases, and I want those people to know….You're not alone! Plus, I was wondering if anyone out there could give me any natural remedies to cure one or the other of these issues. Thank you in advance!

Your friend,





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Some days when I take off running, it seems fairly easy for me to talk myself into stopping, or at least slowing down. Like most runners, some days aren't as good as other days. I get tired, or winded, or maybe I didnt eat well enough for the longevity of it. Sometimes its related to the fact that I simply don't want to do it in the first place.

These days are expected, they are normal, and I seldom ever let them get me down. After all, I ended up doing it anyway, against my own will.

Recently, I have felt strong physically, but have been emotionally weak. Though I have tried not to, I have been bottling up ALOT of emotions. Running really helps me to blow off ALOT of steam, it leaves me alone with my thoughts, and its also healthier than drinking wine all day. 🙂

Lately, I have gotten lost in the run. These jogs have shown themselves to have purpose, and I have forgotten all about the physical ailments. Instead, what I've found to be the most difficult, is fighting through the emotional tears…..something that I haven't often dealt with, while just trying to get a jog in. However, this seems to be the time that my body is screaming to release all of its energy and emotion.

Most of the time I listen to upbeat music, something that really gets me pepped up and going…something that makes me energetic and happy! Other times, I need soft, calming music to help get me where I'm going. Today, I found myself listening to music that was sad…music that was reflective of my feelings.

I wasn't in any sort of race today. I had no interest in breaking any sort of records. I just needed to run. I set myself into a pace, and I drowned myself in my music. It was overwhelmingly loud, speaking directly to my soul. Several songs I replayed, just to allow the lyrics to ring into my brain.

For a minute, I wondered what the others around me were thinking. Tears had welled up in my eyes, and my breath had become labored. Not labored like when you've exerted yourself too much, but the kind that happens when you could use an inhaler or small paper bag to help you breathe. It wasnt even a second or two that I looked around at the others, before I was drawn back to my own reality.

I never payed attention to how fast I was going, or how far. I was so intently focused on my thoughts, that I forgot where I even was. With each step and each word of each song, my emotions would rise. I thought I was probably harboring feelings of sadness, maybe grief that I hadn't entirely sorted through. Instead, as my breathing became heavier, and as I fought back the tears that I so desperatley needed to let go, it became clear to me that I was NOT releasing feelings of sadness….but anger!

I allowed my thoughts to go free. I continued to fight back tears and tried to take deep breaths to get me through the lack of oxygen I was suffering, and I just kept going.

I wasn't angry that she was gone. I think I had braced myself for that. I was angry about what should have happened before she left this world. How she should have been treated better, how much more time should have been set aside for her, how I should have answered that phone every time she called, instead of claiming to be so busy.

I was angry about the unkind words that were sometimes spoken to her…spoken to me, and in a time of such sensitivity. In all the time I was grieving during the proces of her death and even thereafter, I carried my own natural sadness, my own burden, and then the anger and stress of others on my shoulders. I didn't realize how much it had built up until now. My mind was racing faster than my legs, and at points I felt like if I stopped running, I would drop down into a pool of my own tears….with only strangers around me. So, I kept going….

Before I knew it, I had breezed through 5 miles, at a nine minute pace. I slowed a bit for a cool down and ended up running 6.2. It felt good, both on physical and emotional levels. Its amazing how quickly I will slow my regime, if I'm physically ailing, but push through it when I'm emotionally ailing. It just goes to show that this sport is all mental.

I needed to let go of things today, for whatever reason. I fear though, that I have ALOT more runs and self pep talks in order, to get me back on track. I often lecture people about how harboring anger hurts yourself, more than other people. I have always been good at letting things go, even if some things take me a little longer than others. I have faith that this too will pass.

Until then…. I'm just going to enjoy the painless training:)




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I Don’t Know How To Give Up!

I knew what would happen before I made the decision, but I did it anyway. In retrospect, I would have done the same thing.

In the days that followed, I paid the price. I wanted to get up, move, tend to my house, children, and family, but my brain and body were working against one another. Each step I took pained me, though I wanted so much to GO. I knew it would be better if I just willed myself to do it, but in the last few days, I have fallen short of this goal.

I could see each obstacle in front of me. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel even, but the aching I felt was a hinderence…a bit of a road block even. Slowly, however, I managed to carry on.

I asked my family to be respectful of my needs at this time, as I was in a fragile state. I became confused at the sight of their blank stares, as if they were never looking at me, but instead looked beyond me. I attempted to pay attention to their needs, but I was uncomfortable, and not feeling like my normal self. I fidgeted often, and turned side to side frequently. I knew it had to be obvious to anyone watching.

Though I tried to remain quiet, sometimes my pain would find my voice, and I would outwardly make the sounds that I wished I could have kept inward. I didn't want anyone to look me differently. I had to do this on my own!……And so I did!….

This story is a small depiction of what I was feeling last week, after restarting my exercise regime. The older I get, the more it hurts when I restart….even if only a month has gone by!!

I got in three good solid workouts in last week. The last one I did, included the 60 minute Bob Harper cardio video. I save this for last every time, because I have difficulty moving every muscle in my body, for at least three days after doing it (at least until I build a tolerance!). For $9.99, I would advice everyone to give it a go:).

Anyway, I did it…I busted out. I couldn't walk well Saturday or Sunday, making my children fetch me things I needed, because it would hurt too much and/or take me too long to do. Sadly, they have begun to grow used to my needs after restarting my regime:)

Today, I was still feeling a little sketchy, but I got back in the saddle. After running like a zombie for about a half a mile, my legs started to ease their way out of constant contracting, and I got myself into a good pace!

I ran 4.7 miles today, in a minute less than last week….I felt great!

It's amazing how awesome I feel, everytime I get myself back on track with my exercise. I feel healthier, both physically and mentally…and I have energy again! Plus there is the added benefit of free wine calories!!:)

It often makes me wonder why I ever stop! ESPECIALLY, since it hurts so bad to start!



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A LITTLE Sweat Won’t Hurt ANYONE!

This is the day I decided to go burn off the wine I drank solidly, for the last few days. Its the day I decided I would force myself to hydrate, so to flush out my liver, and rejuvenate my skin!……The day to burn off all my stressors from the morning, after sending my daughter to school without her hair and teeth UNbrushed, because she didnt want to listen, and after having a pow wow meeting with the school counselor, regarding my sons frequent trips to the office!!!!…..I decided that TODAY….a good spinning class was in order!!

I'm fairly new when it comes to the spinning class, only trying it out within the last year. I've always run, but when I was becoming bored with running, I decided to try it out. I wouldn't exactly say I loved it at first….actually, I hated it! My body wasn't used to this nonsense, and I would want to quit in the first 15 minutes…. though my determination would NEVER allow that. However, I was so delirious the first few times, that when the class was over, and you were able to get off your bike…..I think I still kept peddling on the ground….or maybe that's just how I felt. I would be winded, my legs always hurt for a few days, and my lady parts would bother me from sitting in the bike saddle too long!!!

In time, I was able to better myself. My lady parts must have started to callus, and my stamina was better. I could last the whole class without cheating, and nothing hurt too unbearably bad! I even got good enough that I was able to start critiquing the instructors. I would start saying things like “It was a good workout, but the other lady is tougher”! OR “I really didnt get that winded today”. When I admit to this stuff out loud, I can see that I am an idiot, when I talk sometimes 🙂

I haven't been to the gym all summer, because its hard to get there with the kids home all day, plus there are plenty of activities to do outside. I figured that since it was the first time I'd “spun” in months that I would be starting from scratch, but I surprised myself. The new spinning instructor at the gym beat my ass for sure, but I kept up!!

Sweat was pooling down my body and off of my chin…my hair was soaking wet, and there was a pool of sweat on the floor, at my feet, where all the sweat was landing. At one point, during the hour, I must have got a little delirious, because I was holding my left arm up in the air, while peddling for several minutes, before I realized she was only holding her arm up to get everyone's attention, and was not in fact doing a new move, and was not holding it up nearly as long as I was!!!….Needless to say, I wished I was in the back row!!

There is just something about getting a good calorie burn, with nasty smelly sweat dripping everywhere to prove it. In my opinion, the more sweat…the better! I FEEL GREAT!

Sweating is DEFINATELY good for the soul….if in the proper setting :).

Anybody else feeling great after a good heart racing sweat???