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Recycling Dreams…


As we make that transition from our greedy youth, to our greedy adulthood, some things are left unchanged. As adults, we continue to desire things that we dont have, or cannot afford.

There are some, who will fantasize about these items for the entirety of their lives, but never live with the means to afford their desired ammenities. It remains only a dream…

There are others who will buy their desired item without hesitation, because they

1. Have more money than they know what to do with.


2. Feel fine about signing their kids up for free meals at school, while maxing out every credit card they own, to have what they desire.

Still, there are the majority, not unlike myself, who live out a blend of the two lifestyles mentioned above.

While I am guilty of buying things on impulse, even things I cant afford, I also have a variety of dream items that I will most likely long for, for the rest of my life. I guess I feel lucky to have the insane ability to realize my full potential….Which happens to be in the middle of a ladder, that I've lost interest in climbing.

I have always known myself to be somewhat of a dreamer. If I see somebody doing something interesting, I think I need to learn the trade.

For instance, I once saw someone in a cool band, and I wanted to play the guitar….I saw someone country line dance on TV, and I needed some lessons…I saw someone icefishing, and I needed a pole…I watched a man balance on a unicycle, and thought that if I had one, I could really excel…and so on and so forth. BUT…The truth of the matter is, that sometimes I buy these things on impulse. While some of the items work out, the majority of the items just sit and gather dust, when I realize that I am not gifted with the trade.

Then there are the items that I dont buy on impulse, the ones I leave in the dream state. While most of them stay in the dream state, others come out of the dream state, when a loved one has noted one of your particular desires, and thinks of it as a good gift item…. These are generally the items that should have been left in the dream state, where your conscious left them in the first place!

But what I love most, are the desired items that turn out to be great investments. The ones that make us smile, knowing we spent our hard earned money well. Maybe a great pillow…a pair of roller skates…a good bottle of wine…OR A GREAT BIKE!!

For most of my adult life, I have longed for a good granny bike…You know, the ones with wide seats and handle bars, with the basket on the front to carry a small dog, or a six pack of beer? I never did buy one though, because the actual idea of biking has never truly interested me (this is likely due to the chaffing of my legs and bruising of my lady parts, every time I ride one, likely due to improper padding in the lining of my shorts). Regardless, this was a desire of mine that someone else noticed, and the bike was purchased as a gift to me. Sadly, aside from a couple of trial sessions with my kids, that bike sat rusting in the garage.


Recently, my dear, loving, new bike riding companion, was gifted herself a new granny bike, after voicing her desired ammenity. That bike too, sat in the garage rusting for two solid months. UNTIL…our spontaneous decision FINALLY came to unify the bikes, and set sail peddles on a new adventure.

We set out with pride on our fancy new bikes, waving at anyone who would wave back. The idea was, we would drive 4 miles in one direction, stop for a beer, to rest our callusing hams half way through, and then ride 4 miles back, for a well rounded ride. It would be perfect!

The first of the obstacles we ran into was the ROAD CLOSED sign on our untrafficked path. Due to the barbed wire fencing, we couldnt even sneak past the construction, without gaping wounds…So around we turned!

We meandered our way instead on the sidewalks of busy streets, passing beautiful fast food restaraunts, and boarded up budget motels, almost getting ourselves hit by two oncoming cars in the process. We never did find a half way point, because we forgot that we live in a small town, and that every place is closed on Monday…Thats when we remembered that conservative people only drink beer Tuesday through Sunday.

Still, unrattled, we headed back, stopping at a local liquor store on the way. We not only needed a well deserved margarita when we got home, but we needed something to fill our baskets. One bottle of tequila and two 40's later, and the last leg of our trip was a breeze!!

This was yet another adventure added to my full life. I feel glad to have given an old dream a second chance, and feel certain that the bikes were good investments. As soon as I am able to sit again, I have every intention of getting right back on.

While some dreams will always remain dreams, its always important to believe that others can be realities.

“Learn from your dreams what you lack.” – W.H Auden





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The Road Signs of Life…

THE sun shone brightly through my window, making it appear much later in the day than it was.

I always find it to be a pleasant surprise when I wake up earlier than planned. It usually leaves me feeling so much more motivated and like less a complete loser….Even if I choose to do nothing.

I woke up happy and energetic, and soon found my way to the end of my driveway, to pick myself a large bouquet of lilacs that just so happen to be in full bloom, and smell way better than the lilac scented air freshener Ive been using all winter long. I opened windows for breeze, I turned on subtle music in the background, and I smiled as I watched and listened to the pond and all its surroundings, in my back yard. It was going to be a good day.

I got a full hour of alone time, drinking coffee in the sun and writing, before I had to fullfill my days commitment. Today, I had happily volunteered to help my friend move from her house to a high rise apartment.

I felt fairly certain that I wouldnt have to do much work, as evidenced by the last time I volunteered to help her. The last time involved me drinking coffee and reading the newspaer for an hour and a half, while she tied up loose ends on the both the computer and telephone. Then, I tagged along for some taste testing of some beer at a local brewery. I felt certain that she probably DID need me for that part, so I tried them more than once, just so I could give her the correct answer.

That was followed by running random errands that did not require my support, and then later involved a tour of a fancy pent house apartment, which allowed for me to play bocce ball on the balcony, in fake Kentucky bluegrass, and then allowed for me to drape myself lazily on a hammock for two, while the wind blew through my hair. The worst work I had to do was clean windows. Though at the end of the day, I may have exaggerated my exhaustion to a degree.

So today, I felt relaxed about the idea of helping her. I sent a quick text to ask if I needed to bring anything…like maybe beer fancy water, or bread or something. She naturally agreed that I should pick up a beverage before coming over, then thought it would be a good idea for us to go to lunch at some point as well. I smiled, asking if she really thought we would get any sort of moving done….

As usual when I question her plan, or directions, or ideas…. she said “Yes! It will be fine”!…. AND even though she always says this, it isnt ALWAYS fine. 🙂

Just like clockwork, I was late. Still, I warmed her heart right back up, when she noticed that I had gone out of my way, to find her a large handful of boxes, from a nearby liquor store…the kind that just so happened to be double taped….. So, we cracked a beer, and got right on task.

We tore down her bed, that had already been sold, and that was to be picked up any time…right on time. Then, she was back to her own train of thought. She was dealing with phone calls from her business, and was trying to fix her vacuum…all the while, she paced room to room. I decided at this point, to start working without her direction….Something few would dare to do. Before she got herself back to me, I had already packed 4 boxes, and cleared the walls of pictures. I felt proud, but was a little nervous to see her response.

She too, was confused about how to respond, but agreed to accept my progress, if I would label the boxes appropriately. Shortly thereafter, she said we needed to ditch the work, and take her rental car back, because she had sold her vehicle, without a real plan as to what she should do next.

I found myself in awe of my friend. I looked around to see that she had sold almost every large piece of furniture to her name, and had basically left herself a few boxed up items and a used mattress. Sometimes I am amazed at how this amazing friend of mine can juggle so many tasks…so many life altering situations, and still somehow manage to keep herself in the eye of the tornado…with a smile still glued to her face!

We managed to get a small amount of work done today, and didnt even finish an entire beer….This in itself speaks volumes.

After I left her, I jammed out to good music on my way home, with the sun roof open. I felt so lucky to sit even longer in the sun, enjoying a track meet of my daughters. Then I headed home….

On my way home, I saw a road sign that said “With each new sunrise a new journey begins”. I dont know who wrote that, but it seemed to sum up my day, and the entire stage of life for my good friend. Somehow I knew that the billboard was speaking to me.

As I drove a bit further, I noticed the next sign that simply read “DONT DRIVE NAKED”! I dont know why, but for some reason, I looked down to see if I was….

This time I wasnt…

Sometimes, if you really keep your eyes open, you may just be able to see 2 life lessons to live by, in only one day….






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To Whom It May Concern…

To Whom it may concern,

Ive been sleeping alot lately. I can easily sleep 12 hours if uninterupted, and yet still yearn for an afternoon nap. I fall asleep early, and sleep so soundly that I could probably be robbed and killed, only to awake in confusion, in regards to whether I was in heaven or hell….or still my own bedroom. I had made a pact with myself this year, that I wouldnt let this winter get to me as it always does. I was going to make myself stay positive and strong, and was determined that I wasnt going to let the weather wear me down, make me grow tired, and make me make the statements that so many others are making. I admit, Im starting to fade…my positive attitude is wavering, and I fear I am beginning to lose my battle.

For whatever reason, I was determined not to give in that easily today. Wearing everything, minus my snow suit, I dropped my kids at school, and made my way directly to the gym. Though the weather forecasters lied when they said a high of 2 degrees, and though my car said 7 degrees, I was still glad I had worn so much clothing. I winced in pain as that frigid air hit me, though the amount of time was short…traveling only from my car to the door. The wind was telling me to just turn back, but my mind was made up….Sort of!

To whom it may concern,

I stared at that treadmill for a long moment, while I swallowed down the vomit that was pooling in my throat. I had NO energy for this, and NO desire to do it. As soon as I mounted the machine, I wished to dismount…but I didnt. Instead, I promised myself that I would be nice to me today….I wouldnt push so hard. Afterall, I made it here didnt I?

I blared my slow music into my ears, and set off on a nice steady pace. I began to think of my Mama P. I think about her alot when I run, but in the past week she has flooded my mind. I miss her so much, and it seems crazy to think that she has been gone for 3 whole months. I found myself remembering how she used to taunt me about this weather, as she sat in the comfort of her own WARM home in Texas. When she would visit in the winter months, she would dress like an eskimo and constantly make comments like “How can you guys stand it”! Despite her teasing, we always made the best of it….Sledding, snow men, and of course the all day movie fests while playing scrabble tournaments. She told me so many things that were just between us….Sometimes we would giggle and sometimes we would cry, but the trust that we had between us was something I valued deeply.

As I began to remember these things, it became clear to me that her lack of presence is still a wide open wound. I began to wonder if she could hear or see me. I wondered if she was proud of my intentions. I wondered if she would want me to defend her, like I feel so strongly about doing. Would she want me to release my inhibitions, or would she want me to let it go. I realized they were all open ended questions.. and I also knew they were ones that only I could answer. Either way, I felt good while running….It felt nice to feel warm for a minute, and my memories were making me even more comfortable. Though I had no interest in this workout, I had made my way to 6.5 miles without misery. I guess I was rewarding myself by not pushing myself today.

To whom it may concern,

When I hit that cold air again, all of my warm, fuzzy feelings went away! Though I wanted to go home and get directly in my sweatpants, I decided to stay proactive. I needed to hit the grocery store, before the temperatures fall even further in the next couple of days. The problem is not GETTING the groceries, but rather having to load them in my car and then into my house, while the -25 degree wind is piercing into my inner core, and while ice crystals are forming, out of what used to be, my hard earned sweat. I did not APPRECIATE the cashier placing single items into single plastic bags, just so that I would have to take that many more trips. After getting brave enough to sprint out the door with my cart, shooting directly to my car, not caring who hit me with their car on my way, I didnt LIKE that my reciept flew directly out of my shopping bag, and probably into the hands of someone who would steal my credit card number, my money, and my identity……BUT I didnt CARE enough to chase after it. At this point, I didnt even know if Id make it home alive.

To whom it may concern,

When I got home, my backdoor was wide open….for a questionable amount of hours. After unloading the groceries out of my car, I wasnt sure my underwear would ever be separate from my skin. Still, I sat at the table for a moment, just to consider what had happened thus far….STILL wearing my winter coat. I could hear the sounds of my heater working overtime, my pipes creaking, wind hitting my windows, and the sounds of whole families of mice, fighting to get in through all the wind seeping crevices in my house, to stay warm for the next coming days. Everyone is preparing…

To top it off, I learned that school is cancelled already for tomorrow, meaning we stay in again….and meaning it will be that much harder to fight the general malaise feeling of winter. However, I have fought it off for one more day….Tomorrow is a different battle….

To whom it may concern,

There is nothing that an ice cold beer being drunk down slowly, while listening to CHER singing “Just like Jesse James” over and over again, cant cure!!!

Stay Strong Everyone!




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Variety is the Spice of Life

My whole life, I have always maintained a vast variety of friend groups. I have always been a good reader of people, and feel that I am very good at changing my appearance or behavior, depending on who I am surrounding myself with.

While growing up, my friends were separated into my “sports” friends, my party friends, my church friends, and then of course, my best friends, who often overlapped in different groups. I would morph myself into whatever character I needed to play at that desired moment, or with that particular friend.

As an adult, I havent changed much. I still have my running friends, my party friends, my high falutin friends, and my “good girl” friends, only now the friend pool is smaller, and there is alot more overlapping of groups. I love all of my friends….each of their characters both amuse and appease me in a different way.

Sometimes however, there are times that I wonder how I even became friends with some of them, and I wonder how we even maintain a friendship over time. The differences between us is overwhelming!

Over the weekend, I played with four different sets of friends….which is almost unheard of with four children. However, for the sake of time and space, I will only talk about the two groups with the hugest amount of difference.

I started with one good buddy at a “hole in the wall” bar and grill, in a small town in Indiana. This is really right up my alley! We dined on fried pickles and chicken strips, while watching the already drunk patrons arrive. 80's and 90's rap music blared in the background, as women played beer pong and men stood around at the automated punching bag, seeing who could hit it the hardest! Girls were sneaking cigarettes in the bathroom, and human sandwiches were being made on the dance floor. Old men were buying us shots of glorified Kool-aid, and we were really the belles of the ball….even in our sweat suits!

Dont get me wrong, I feel that I am much classier than this, as evidenced by my ordering of Hennessy with a coke back. As they wiped the dust off of the 70 year old bottle that no one had ever ordered, they stared at me questionably, and handed it to me in a shot glass. Here, only beer and shots of whiskey are ordered.

Truthfully, I just feel more normal surrounded by this type of people. I know that if I play my cards right, I will be excepted fully by them…..I could easily play this role…..and so could my highly amusing accompanying friend. Even though she refused my crisp $5 bill, to simply throw one punch at that punching bag, she was more than willing to do the Duggy and really excited to do the Electric slide! She's my hero on most days. 🙂

Two days later, I found myself at a fancy breakfast, with my high falutin friends. I have been friends with these ladies, for far longer than my Electric Slide dancing buddy, and I enjoy them for completely different reasons. Im not sure if they were this snobby when I met them, or if they have worsened with age, but their diva attitudes are AWESOME, and VERY different than my own.

However, I can play this role too. I had to get up much earlier to glam up. I had my fanciest tank top on, with a classy sweater, and as much Sildapia jewlery that I could fit on (which I bought from them). I had my high heel boots on and my red lipstick…….all to eat a glorified egg sandwich. I was excited to meet them!

Here, they serve water in fancy bottles, coffee is from areas around the world, and the napkins are linen. I fell right into place with my other diva friends, and it wasnt long before we had caught ourselves up. When it came time to order, my classy little friend asked for cinnamon toast….and she said she would appreciate not being served heels!!! Here's the times when I giggle and stare in amusement. I have never even seen an establishment serve heels….ever! However, maybe because she was being ridiculous with her request…They served her heels! She was appalled, as I reminded her that she would probably eat a heel, if she was starving and had no food. She responded by saying….”Not if it was rye”!

As we waited for our food, I listened as my other classy friend told me she was out of vacation hours because her dog had torn its ACL, and it cost $5,000 to get the leg fixed. Then, she had to call in sick to sit in the dog cage with the poor thing, and perform range of motion exercises for days on end. When I laughed at her, she told me I would do the same thing.

I assured her that she was mistaken….. I wont even buy an expensive bag of dog food. Plus, I wouldnt even waste all of my vacation days to do range of motion on my own children! These are the same friends that spend more on a tank top than their monthly heat bills, and fly to New York to get their hair done! They change their bedding to go with the seasons, and their dogs are dressed to the nines…..Yet, I adore them all!

Although I cant live like this for long, I enjoy feeling fashionable and hoity toity for a moment. And….As silly as I find their lifestyles at times, you can only imagine how ridiculous they think I am. Perhaps opposites do attract in this friendship!

Really, in both of these situations, I AM me. Im just a fancier…or “not so fancier” me. At the end of the weekend, I wondered where the true me would go…what kind of venue would make me happiest….

……As you may have guessed….A winery! I could dress cute and womanly, but not be weighed down with lia sophia jewlery. I could have purple teeth and no one would care. I could laugh, chat, and be carefree…..

And this, my friends, is something we could all enjoy!


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Often I find myself overhearing a conversation, being drawn into a wierd situation, or witnessing a happening around me, that I don't quite know how to respond to. People are interesting to say the least…..

Don't get me wrong, I am kind of a bizarre person myself. I have a dry sense of humor and am often misunderstood. I find things amusing, that not everyone finds amusing. I'm sure I've been overheard sounding idiotic, and I'm certain I've been talked about by strangers who have been within earshot! The thing is, I don't really care what people think, and I've recently come to realize that I'm not alone in that feeling.

Today, I bellied up to the bar at a local brewery with my good friend. We didn't have much time, but thought we would grab a quick beer and catch up with one another. This is always a good thought process, but for some reason, the two of us are always interrupted by what I would call bizarre people…. but what my friend would call possible clients, for her newly opened YOGA studio! She always draws them into conversation, invites them to her studio, and is NICE…..EVEN when I give her the eye!

Anyway, as we were chatting away, a nice lovely local couple came in and sat next to us. The lady was loud, appearing to want everyone to know she had arrived. I made the unfortunate mistake of looking over at her, just when she was removing an item from her jacket…….She made eye contact! Then, I noticed what was in her hand. A medium sized rust colored stuffed animal. When I smiled at her, she said “Its my aardvark, it goes everywhere with me”!

I thought “Hmmmm….naturally”!

I quickly wanted to direct my attention back to my friend, but the lady wasnt done. She said “I can see you girls eyeing it. I know you want to feel how soft it is…. so go ahead”! Then, she placed that dingy ALF looking creature directly in front of me. I had no idea what plagues this item had, and I didnt want to touch it, but I was stuck between a rock and a hard place……I touched it! I thought this would appease her…but she wasnt done!

As my friend and I attempted to take a good selfie photo of ourselves, the lady became a bit surprised that we didnt want the aardvark in our photo! We laughed it off, but I think we stopped just shy of having to have a full photo shoot with a strangers stuffed animal! Instead, she took her own phone and the aardvark to different spots around the brewery to photograph it, and promised the bartender that if she accidentally knocked something over, her aardvark would pick it back up!

I had trouble believing at this point that this was really happening….That this was not a twisted dream that was occurring after mixing Benadryl with wine! I felt bad that I was going to have to leave my friend here alone, to finish her beer, but I had to get home to my children. However, as I was driving home, I thought that this was a win win for her…That is, if she could get the lady to join some classes at her yoga studio.

If she felt comfortable charging the aarvark, she could get two customers in one sitting…….

I guess there really is a purpose for each group of people who cross paths! Thank God for wierd connections! 🙂



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I awoke to the sound of, what seemed to be, loud alarms blaring in my eardrums. This normally would have made me sit upright, or at the very least, make me open my eyes. On this day however, I quickly silenced it, and more frequently than I was even aware of.

Alarm clocks….They are worse than men! You can't live with them, and you can't live without them! 🙂

I woke up 40 minutes late, allowing my children a full 20 minutes to get ready for school! I felt ashamed, but it seemed to be the least of my worries! My throat was sore, my feet were both blistered, my eyes were blurry, and my body ached for rest! My body craved water, but my glottis refused to let it go down.

This is what happens to me every now and again, when I feel like acting as though I'm in my early 20's! My body reminds me over and over that I am getting too old for this, but I ignore it. Sometimes I just want to feel like a rock star! I want to mingle with the elite, and frolic with the youth of our society. This night….last night…..provided all the right ingredients that I needed to shine!

Dinner reservations at a fine dining establishment…..PINK concert tickets…. wine… beer… music….singing….. dancing…..and lets not forget my two fabulous friends that I shared the evening with!

We were all dressed to play the part, as we started out on our adventure! It was hard to decide what to wear, since we had to balance our fancy dinner attire, with our rock star concert outfits. Somehow, we managed it! What we came to find out, is that red, color stay lipstick dresses up ANY outfit!

We ordered fancy steaks…some made of meat and some made of tuna. We ordered wine…the kind that costs $10 a bottle in the store, but $50 at the restaurant. We ate bread, with fancy blue cheese spreads, and salads, with mustard vinaigrette dressing….a kind of dressing that you can only get when dining with the elite! We used the bathroom frequently, just to see if our waiter would give us a new napkin…..AND HE DID… Every time!

We told stories, we giggled about other patrons, and we talked about just how much class we have! We laughed, we cried, we were serious, and we laughed again! We boosted each others egos, applied more lipstick, and allowed others to believe that we were wealthy housewives, just grabbing a bite to eat, before joining our other poor friends, at our book club meeting! For just a moment, we were living a dream….Until the bill came, and we each had to dole out half of our pay checks… the ones we just got that morning:/…..Im glad my heat bill is on the budget plan!

Next, we moved on to the concert! PINK! We bought these tickets 6 months ago! I couldn't believe the time was finally here! One of my friends wasnt as excited as the other two of us, and I was really hoping she would get in the spirit once we got there! Oh…..and believe me when I say….She did!

When we got to our seats, which were awesome by the way, everyone was sitting??! It was as if we were sitting at a Celine Dion concert, during one of her ballads! I didn't know what was happening in the lives of those losers, but we weren't having it! We had enough cheap, but expensive wine, to feel loosened up! We didn't even need to stretch. So….we danced….we sang loudly…and we cheered! Actually, we roared with screams and hoots and hollers! My friend, the one who had been so hesitant, was dancing as though she was in a circle dance of an Indian tribe. Luckily, she had no one sitting on the other side of her, because she swayed back and forth, feeling every ounce of the music, and every ounce of other people's drinks she was spilling with her feet! On second thought, she ended up with shin splints today…maybe she should have stretched! 🙂

PINK, who never lets anyone down, rocked out! She was singing and hanging from bungee cords high in the air. We were watching an acrobatic concert, all for the price of one ticket. We enjoyed every ounce of the concert, while the people around us NEVER got up! Part of me would like to know their take on the show:).

We didnt stop there though! We were having a great time, and we were still so pumped, after that phenomenal show! We met some other friends afterward, to do a little dancing, while the traffic cleared out. Here's where we mingled with the youth. Here we weren't separate from them, but a part of them….at least in our eyes. We danced until our feet were raw, then kept dancing until the nerve endings had been rubbed off, and then danced in comfort again. We danced around Travis Tritt and Usher look a likes, and whose to say it wasn't them really! With each new song that came on, our dance moves got better…even during the rap songs! Those fake turn table moves never seem to fade! I guess those people are right that say “Its like riding a bike”! IT REALLY IS!

My eyes didnt close until 3am! My mom duties resumed at 7:30. Here's the part where I'm reminded that I'm too old for this nonsense…especially on a Thursday night!

Today, as I tried to keep a losenge in my mouth for moisture, as I limped to and from my childrens school with blistered feet, as I napped on and off, and drank water to refuel my body, I reflected back on my night of adventure! Would I do it all over? Will I do it again? Will I ever finally listen to my body when it says no more?

All good questions, but I think it's clear what will happen! It WAS worth it to be a rock star for one night! Thank you ladies! I love you lots:)









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Meet You At The Next Red Light!

A giant fairground filled with want to be cowboys and cowgirls, with country music blaring in the background! Budweiser beer being bought and tranfered hand to hand, while friends catch up in their formed circles. Tall cowboy hats, blocking the view, and girls screaming as though they've just seen Jesus himself!

A giant moshpit, filled with non gendered people wearing face paint, and black nail polish. Ear piercing music blaring overhead! A possible human, or lamb, slowly basting over a small fire hidden in the corner, by the people hovering around it. People sipping on everclear, while psychotic laughter and aggressive forms of dancing continue in the background.

….These are the two scenarios I immediately picture when thinking about concert goers! I realize that this is maybe just my imagination running wild…..I know there are other types of concert goers, that don't fit into these two extremes, but I just have trouble picturing it!

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to be going to a Pink concert! I've had these tickets for months, and its just now getting close enough to start getting excited. However, I'm having trouble with knowing how to get myself prepared.

Obviously, cowboy attire is not necessary for such an event, and gothic wear is DEFINATELY not appropriate! It's one of those events that fall in between! I have talked to my concert going buddies about dying our hair pink, and maybe getting cute matching pixies, but that didnt really spark them. Plus, what would we do when the concert was over? Just look like alternative nurses, with ALOT of spunk?! I fear our jobs wouldn't be secured!

I DEFINATELY plan to buy the concert shirt, and tuck it snugly in my fashionable jeans….just like I did at the Tom Petty concert, that I attended years ago! I plan to hoot and holler, laugh and frolic with my friends, and sing until my voice has gone hoarse. I will drink plenty of beers….probably not Budweiser, but maybe an Amstel light, or I may get crazy and get a full bodied Corona!!:) Only the night knows where it will take us!

The problem that still remains, is that there is no way to prepare! So in the last couple of weeks, I just found a starting place. I have started practicing the lyrics…In case for some reason the camera is placed on me, and I'm put up on the big screen for all to see! I want to look as good as possible, especially if Pink decides that I belong in the crowd of her next upcoming video!

I've been singing in my car, and I've been singing in my house. I've video taped myself on an occasion or two, and admittedly, I'm lacking in the lyric department! I need more practice!

Because I'm still a little technologically disadvantaged, I still take to pulling out old CDs to practice with! The issue is, just like my own children (that I reprimand frequently about this same problem), I don't take good care of my CDs. They are all scratched, and no amount of spit or hot air will get these deep grooves out!….But, I listen to them anyway…..skipping included!

This can lead to ALOT of embarrassing moments, if you don't pay attention closely!

Sometimes my voice can be pitchy, so I leave my windows rolled up, and only sing in private. Other times though, I can't tell the difference between my voice and Pink's. Our voices just flow together as one. On these days, I feel confidence, and I roll my windows down, hoping some talent scout will hear me when Im stopped at a red light!

With the windows rolled up…. I'm safe! When the Cd skips mid chorus, no one can hear it but myself! But if the widows are down, I'm left on the edge, having to feign a yawn, in the middle of belting out the lyrics, in the tune of a beautiful songbird! It leaves me vulnerable, yet Im so consumed with confidence, that it won't veer me from my decision to sing!!!

….Sigh… Obviously, I've been thinking about this ALOT…..and the concert can't get here soon enough. But there is still work to be done! I'm off to practice some more.

Who knows, maybe you'll be lucky enough to hear me……at the next red light!