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I Love Sandwiches:)…..

Well, I feel like I've gained 100 pounds!!!!!

I was gone a total of three days, which is equivalent to 72 hours, or 4,320 minutes.

After eating a full days worth of calories, on the Monday of my departure, I still felt like I still needed protein, fats, and sugar to get me through the long 1 hour and 45 minute flight to Texas… So….I ate about three servings of a bag of nuts and chocolate, which I assume is all “good fats”.

Once arriving at my dads house (at 10 p.m), I was naturally famished, due to jet lag. So….I ate a full sandwich, with some chips, and a little cherry cobbler, then swallowed it down with about a half a bottle of red wine. I slept like a champion!!!

The next day we ate a full course breakfast feast, and a couple hours later I ate a sandwich….and some chips. In between that time, I noshed on chocolates, of all varieties, that they had bought for the radiology staff! After radiology, I ate another sandwich…and some chips, then a couple hours after that, I ate a full course meal of steaks, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and more red wine. Before going to bed, I ate another sandwich and a few more chips.

The next day, Patty was up at three a.m., so she made a trip to the store to find me a bag of trail mix, with no raisins, and then proceeded to make about 4 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies. Naturally, I ate this concoction, when I woke up….. I didn't want to be rude. So…. I “essentially” skipped breakfast, and moved onto a sandwich, with chips for lunch, then had another cookie (or three), for dessert. That evening, in celebration of the last radiation treatment, we all stuffed ourselves with sushi and hibachi, that was enough to feed a family of eight. Again, out of habit, I ate more chocolate chip cookies, when we got home…. Then a sandwich and chips, swallowed down by red wine, before bed.

My final day, yesterday, I was so sick that I only ate about 5 cookies when I woke up, followed by a delicious and nutritious banana. I still ate a sandwich and chips for lunch, followed by a few more cookies, trail mix without raisins, and swallowed it down with a beer or two, but couldn't dream of eating dinner. When I got home however…..You guessed it!… Another sandwich, BUT with goldfish……because I don't buy chips at home….. due to…well…I eat them all!!!!!

Today, I woke up early for work. I just knew I was going to change my eating habits TODAY! Instead, I ate two breakfasts, had a sandwich and chips for lunch, and went down later, for the choclietest, fanciest coffee, with whip cream and syrup, that I could afford!!! I HAVE….TO…BREAK…THIS…CYCLE!!!

So… Tonight….. I'm going to rest… I'm going to cut a small slit on both sides of my sweatshorts…..I'm going to cut my wife beater into a half shirt, and I'm going to feel no tightness of clothes around my body, to prove to myself, I haven't gained a pound.

Then, I'm going to sleep soundly and dream of my new exercise regime……….AND……SANDWICHES!!!!!!





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